Thursday, November 14, 2013

G&P Review: Limbs Bin

Limbs Bin
Summertime Blues
Grindcore Karaoke

Limbs Bin make only one mistake on Summertime Blues, but it’s a bit akin to booking your kids for a relaxing August getaway at Camp Crystal Lake. I have a congenital hole in my soul that can only be filled by insane drum machine grind, but the gaps between songs on Summertime Blues are just fucking massive. Just as I’m getting into a song like the excellent “Le Samourai” (somebody has impeccable taste in French gangster films), I slam into the brick wall of silence. I'm waiting four or five seconds for the next hammer to fall. Summertime Blues is only 11 minutes but the lag makes it feel twice as long sometimes.
But I do my best to overlook that because Limbs Bin make very choice drum machine-driven grind madness. It’s somewhere between the earliest Gigantic Brain material and Agoraphobic Nosebleed at their most cybernetically aggressive. The individual songs are fantastic and the drum machine is one of the best sounding I’ve ever heard. The drums just slam into your chest with a palpable force. At its best Limbs Bin just about leaves you gasping for breath from concussive force.
But grind is an apex predator that has to constantly keep moving in search of prey. Lag is its only known rival. If Limbs Bin could go back and retroactively excise the between song gaps on Summertime Blues, they would have a near flawless record on their hands. While my short attention span usually can’t handle a few seconds between songs, the individual tunes Limbs Bin have wired together from broken machinery and volcanic bile are strong enough on an individual basis that I still keep coming back for more.


Paul Revell said...

Cheers for the review Andrew (and the Dagga one too). It can be quite overwhelming trying to keep up with all these GK releases, so it's pretty handy that you keep picking out the better ones :-)

Anonymous said...

I really liked this release; as the first poster said, thank you for pointing this one out! Question: is it my bad ears or is this just a drum machine, vocals, and noise (no guitars/bass/synth)? If so, that is totally awesome. --Steve

Andrew Childers said...

your ears are good, steve. now what would say if i told you one guy did all of that himself in the space of an afternoon?

Anonymous said...

I would say that's pretty fucking awesome! I play drums and do harsh noise but play no other instruments, so this was truly a great find and quite an inspiration! -Steve