Friday, June 3, 2011

Grindcore Alphabet: T

He pities the fool who doesn’t grind.

As a deliberate insult to those whiny fucking Baby Boomer assholes who continue to ruin every political aspect of my adult life with their self absorbed bullshit, I declare this to be the grindcore T Party. Specifically the letter T party. Put away your damn Gadsden flags and Ayn Rand novels. It’s not that kinda party. This T is for tooth-chipping.
Here’s your letter T mixtape [Mediafire]:

Tusk – “The Rising Terror, the Setting Sun” (United States)
TR – “Preoccupied” (United States)
Triac – “Shell of a Man” (United States)
Trocki – “Ziemia” (Poland)
Trap Them – “Evictionaries” (United States)
Third Degree – “Where is the Consummation?” (Poland)
Thousandswilldie – “Blinding Light” (United States)
Thedowngoing – “Sunken Deep” (Australia)
Tragedy – “The Lure” (United States)
!T.O.O.H.! – “Ja Samaritan” (Czech Republic)
Trash Talk – “All the Kings Men” (United States)
Torture Incident – “Trapped” (Malaysia)
Top Breeder – “About the Sickest Island” (Japan)
Terrorist – “Enfermo de Mierda” (Argentina)
Threatener – “Bull Cult” (United States)
Terrorizer – “Dead Shall Rise” (United States)
Total Fucking Destruction – “Seth Putnam is Wrong About a Lot of Things But Seth Putnam is Right About You” (United States)
Three Faces of Eve – “Fuck Corporate Grind” (United States)

Total to date: 365 bands


gamefaced said...


and i have been dying to ask my dear andrew why TERRORIZER are dirty doz. seven and not six. possibly even five. but mos def six.

explain pls.

Andrew Childers said...

can't really remember how i set the order years ago, but i imagine i was binging on brutal truth at the time and thought sounds of the animal kingdom was a better album. definitely thought helvete was more important. world downfall is an awesome album, an essential album, but was it really a revolutionary album?

Shanetera said...

Tears of Frustration
Thrasin' In the Streets
Total Fury
Toxic Reasons
Toxic Holocaust
Toxic Narcotic

How about the word, "The".

Amalgamated said...

three faces of eve need to write an album. band i remember most from fascists vol 2.

Pascal Cretain said...

When I was a student, I used to eat at the University Canteen, which was free if you had applied early enough. The food was vile, but at that price a bargain, and certainly helped with acquiring a large number of CDs at a time when the Internets were not as fast and ubuquitous.

I had noticed that the Chef usually had death metal t-shirts on and soon enough started chatting with him. I was very much into hardcore and grind at that time, namedropped a lot of bands to him but he was not aware of the names at all. For him, it was all Morbid Angel, Incantation, Deeds of Flesh and of course Cannibal Corpse. Good stuff, sure, but he was missing out.

Decided to make a mixtape for the dude. I put a lot of effort to focus on the heaviest side of the bands I was into at the time. The tape had DARKSIDE NYC, DROWNING (FR), UNDERULE, KOREISCH, EARTH CRISIS, NASUM and of course TERRORIZER'S "Dead shall rise".

The guy was stoked with TERRORIZER. From that day on, he'd growl "dead shall rise from the grave to destroy all mankind" every single time he was serving me the most horrific food ever made.

gamefaced said...

aiight andrew i'll take it.
but personally, yes - believe it's revolutionary. for me anyway.

Andrew Childers said...

arguing over lists is why nerds make them. that's why it's fun.