Friday, June 24, 2011

Grindcore Alphabet: X,Y,Z

Yeah, you got to mix it, child, you got to fix it, must be grind – it’s a bitch.

Examine your zipper, as my mom would say. Check your fly cuz we’re about to rock out with our cocks out (Or appropriate ladypart. We don’t discriminate around here) for the end of the alphabet. Well… we would if this wasn’t the weakest haul of the lot. While not as desolate as Q, it does feel a little anticlimactic. However, I am leaving you with an even 400 grind, power violence, punk, fastcore, hardcore, whatevercore bands to pick over and I know you’ve all (Shane, especially) added dozens more that slipped past me. All that’s left now is to tackle those pesky number bands next week...
So here it is: your XYZ mixtape [Mediafire]:

Xysma – “Pulverized Necrobrains” (Finland)
Zmajevdah – “Megastructure” (Croatia)
Yog – “The Frameless Stage” (Switzerland)
xBrainiax – “Witch Trial” (United States)
Y – “Zu Lang” (Germany)
Yacopsae – “Drahtseilakt” (Germany)
Zagio Evha Dilegj – “Tori” (Japan)

Total to date: 400 bands


Shanetera said...

xNever Againx
xLooking Forwardx
xDisciplex A.D. (Christ Core!)
Yesterday's Youth
Youth of Today
Youth Brigade (two versions)
Zao(I apologize for nothing)
Zero Bullshit
Zombie Apocalypse

I can't wait for the numbers! :D
ZZ Top!
Zimmer's Hole (dudes from Strapping Young Lad)
Your Eyes, My Dreams (so bad, don't bother listening)
Yngwie Malmsteen

Shanetera said...

Dunno how that last post got out of order. Whatever. Thanks for the shout out!

DesiccatedVeins said...

Aw man, what about Zaskae (Germany)? They're definitely worth examining. There's also a French grindcore band named Xaros.

Pascal Cretain said...

The xBLAHx bands should not, in my humble opinion, count as "x" bands. It's like saying "the dead kennedys" is a "T" band.

Cheers to Yacøpsæ. Man, what a band. First time I saw them live was at the Obscene Extreme fest in Czech Republic, the year 2005. What a show, what a show.

Shanetera said...

It's a straight edge hardcore thing. Deal with it.
And those were only the ones off the top of my head, be glad I didn't research more.

Zmaj said...

Hey, didn't know Zagio Evha Dilegj also had a song called "Tori". That said, those Grind Bastards compilations are beautiful beautiful beautiful.