Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Punk Pick: Buzzcocks

*Sigh* Yes, this is the song from Shrek 2, but please don't hold that against the Buzzcocks, whose Spiral Scratch EP was one of the first punk records ever released in England. By the time they collected Singles Going Steady, the 'Cocks had perfected the art of burying artful, beautiful pop tunes under carefully draped layers of punk noise and bile. Seth Putnam also slapped a pic of guitarist Pete Shelley on the cover of Morbid Florist. That's pretty punk, right?


Angryaholic said...

Never had much use for most of the uk stuff...but damn! The buzzcocks were/are just freakin insanely good...them and the undertones!

Andrew Childers said...

hey hey don't get ahead of me. i got the 'tones lined up for a few weeks from now.

gamefaced said...

as the legendary ice cube would ask, "are we there yet"$$$ : )