Friday, February 12, 2010

Blast(beat) from the Past: Migraine


Stress Domain

If there’s one thing that annoys me, it’s when people who have your run of the mill headache whine endlessly about how awful their “migraine” is. My mother gets migraines and the blinding, crippling agony that sends her to the emergency room for 12 hours at a crack is orders of magnitude beyond the pissant kind of pain that can be cured with a handful of asprin.
Not that any of that has to do with the matter at hand.
Post-Brutal Death members of that band teamed with associates from Ecoli and Warkrime to rampage through your skull as Migraine. Unlike Brutal Death’s grind, this 45’s worth of songs is an updated tribute to Siege, right down to the meandering, horn-laden closeout “Funeral Oration,” propped up by samples from Young Frankenstein. This easily sounds like it could have been released on HG Fact. Migraine are just about a perfect marriage of modern hardcore and roots power violence. The noisy, hopscotch opening riff to “The Beyond,” my single favorite track, skips over a rhino charge rampage of bass and drum, layering dexterity over head cracking crush as though Greg Ginn wrote a power violence song.
Migraine also boast some of the most striking visuals around in a black and white medium, mixing Brutal Death’s graffiti art and blending it with Medieval woodcuts and an obsession with Soviet iconography that carries over to their blog as well. Migraine has assembled a complete package with their self-titled EP, perfectly marrying a truly unique aesthetic component with their inventive hardcore.


Anonymous said...

this def looks like it's worth checking out

andrew said...

interpunk usually has it in stock. i picked my copy there a few months back.