Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blast(beat) from the Past: Suffering Mind

Suffering Mind
At War With Mankind


Think I was joking when I said the split with Lycanthropy immediately made me go out and buy more Suffering Mind? A few spins of that was all it took for me to immediately go hunting for 2008’s At War With Mankind, a scabies scab-raw crust platter of squatter grind. Shedding all of the metallic pretensions of modern grindcore, this multi-gendered Polish collaborative are a sterling example of crusty grind’s gloriously reductive joys.
Album standout “Humanitarne Manipulacje” is keenly aware of that crusty majesty, enticing with a simple but weapons grade virulent riff that gets crushed by Bolt Thrower double bass.

Suffering Mind - "Humanitarne Manipulacje"

Suffering Mind have a few other musical tricks rammed like rabbits up their black army jackets like the lepus lope of “Dead Part of Cause” or the timely down tempo passage of “Ekonomiczny Szczyt Bezczelnosci” (Pat, I’d like to buy a vowel, please). And while Suffering Mind are yet another band to close out an album with a doom-paced trudge anthem (“Ostateczny Pogrzeb”), it makes enough of an impression that I don’t mind all that much. It’s an album so good I can excuse yet another fricken bad sampling the “Pain has a face” line from Hellraiser IV (“Dead Part of Cause”). I’ll let it slide with a warning this time, Suffering Mind.
Also, I heartily endorse everything this mind reading, post pre-empting chump had to say.


da tr00f said...

i figured i couldnt just ask you to do something and leave you hanging, so i did some investigating myself (i swear i wasnt just procrastinating. promise).

anyway, i didnt try this out, but minus the possibly intense set up, it looked pretty straight forward.

step 1:

step 2:

hope this helps man. keep up the good work; i cant tell you how much good music ive discovered through your site.

206-grind said...

God Damn I love this CD. Came with a fold out poster with lyrics on the back. For a 100% DIY band their packaging rules.

The King has an embedded player. Said it took him a few days to figure it out. I bet if you ask nicely he would copy/paste the script for you.

Jamie Parks said...

Here's the best free embeddable music player. Use #1, "Google reader MP3 Player"


Enjoying your posts.. keep'em coming..

Anonymous said...

awesome totally gonna have to put some of this stuff to use as well

Andrew Childers said...

cool. i'll play around with those. i really wish blogger just had an embed tool for mp3s the way the do for video. thanks for all the recommendations.

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