Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blast(beat) from the Past: Terrorism

Atrocities of Reality


Oh look, a grindcore album that kicks off with a police siren. Never heard that before. (I kid, I kid.)
Los Angeles quartet Terrorism are out to terrorize you with a 7-inch’s worth of brutal, snarling strain of grindcore (wait, maybe I have heard this before), helpfully labeled as sides gore and grind, just in case you got the mistaken impression that they harbored some secret arty pretensions.
But don’t confuse unpretentious with moronic either. Unlike their presumable peers, Terrorism are a bit more on the ball than poring through Thesaurus.com for synonyms for “pussy.” They wield their gore with a scalpel and not a chainsaw. “Murderous Grindcore” is a slyly subversive little ditty about those torture chambers and “rape rooms” we heard so much about during the early days of our gloriously triumphant Iraqi adventure. An appropriately br00tal subject for a metal band, but as the litany of atrocities grinds on, Terrorism slowly shift the perspective. It’s not longer Uday and Qusay getting their rocks off but rather American special forces taking over the joint to run a car battery to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s sensitive nethers. Clever little bastards, Terrorism.
Before the nutters start screaming about America haters, Terrorism also lash the Japanese to the rhetorical rack and give them a few twists for World War II’s Unit 731 (also known as the source of the name “Maruta”). But if politically subversive gore is not your cup of brewed bile, Terrorism also ladle out heaping portions of more traditional fare: songs about the BTK killer (“B.T.K.”), our war ravaged planet (“Politics and Gore”) and driving hearses (“Meat Wagon”).
All that and a siren too!

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