Wednesday, May 4, 2011

G&P Review: Cellgraft

Deception Schematic
No Reprieve
After I’d carefully re-applied the socks that Florida’s Cellgraft had knocked off with last year’s top-10 worthy External Habitation, the band comes roaring back into 2011 with a new 7-inch’s worth of music that’s even better. Deception Schematic is more ferocious, more densely knotted, more aggressively abrasive than before. Cellgraft hasn’t deviated a micron from their Assuck-by-way-of-Discordance Axis frenzy. Rather, they’ve turned in an album that verily bleeds adrenaline. It’s hard to sit still listening to Deception Schematic.
Cellgraft have clearly grown in the last year both in the rehearsal room and in the recording studio. The guitar tone that had been a tad thin and trebly on External Habitation — the only weak point to the whole outing — is now a scooped out, refined weapon of skull destruction that roars at the forefront of the songs, jockeying with the full-throated growls and wipe out wails for dominance. Songwise, Cellgraft also continue to stun whether it’s the ominously building funnel cloud that is “To Achieve the Lesser Stone” – the only of the 11 songs to crack a minute – or the sucker punch seven seconds of “Gestalt Paroxysm.” The closing blastbeat from “Civilization Comes, Civilization Goes” is a candidate for one of the seven wonders of the grindcore world.
You can snap up the physical copy from the good people at No Reprieve records, but both the band and label are just as content for you to head straight to Mediafire for a nice, high quality download. Either way, this one’s a must. Look for Cellgraft to crack the top 10 again this year and a take a run at the upper echelon.
[Full disclosure: No Reprieve sent me a download.]


gamefaced said...


Shanetera said...

Cellgraft rules!
There's something raw missing on this 7". It's only a 8.9.

Will BSP said...

I agree with Shanetera. I liked that the previous cassettes were mixed a little hot with a really dry and in your face guitar sound that made them difficult to listen to!

Andrew Childers said...

to each their own, i guess. i just felt like this one was grittier rather than tinnier. in the wrong mood i could find external habitation's sound grating in spots.

Bill Willingham IV, Esquire said...

I will spin this later today. I bought the first two cassettes, but as I don't have a record player, I think I'll stick with ze download on this one, since they're fine with me doing that.

I enjoyed that the last one was so abrasive. Sometimes, waking up after a hard day's night and needing to reassemble my brain before getting to the office, there's nothing like popping that in and "kzkzkzkkzJESUS FUCK WAHAHAHAHA"

Matthew said...

great record... but i agree that the sheer abrasiveness of External Habitation makes it just a tad bit better then DS.

blasting D said...

Cellgraft is a really killer grind band! one of the most damaging! Thanks for Grind and punishment for having introduced me some time ago to this band!

those interested in them can read this interview on Blasting days :