Friday, May 13, 2011

Grindcore Alphabet: O, P

The fictional Mayberry, N.C., home of Opie and Andy is smack in the heart of pork BBQ country, and even if those southern heathens slather their pork with mustard sauces (Kansas City style BBQ with a slice of Wonder Bread all the way, baby!), I have to admit it’s hard to fuck up a slow cooked rack of pork ribs sizzling with a tangy sauce. Apparently grindcore likes to dig on the swine as well. While we’ve previously dined on the rare delicacy of long pig way back at L, this time around you’ll be picking gristly bits of Pig Destroyer, Pignation and Pigsty from between your molars (and there’s another slab of pork teed up when we hit the Rs as well).
Here’s your letters O and P mixtape [Mediafire]:

The Orion Code – “The Orion Code” (United States)
Phobia – “Stink Head” (United States)
PSUDOKU – “Big Crunch” (Norway)
Phantomsmasher – “Scrolling Sideways” (United States)
The Oily Menace – “What Are You Fightin’ For? (Phil Ochs cover)” (United States)
Pg. 99 – “We Left as Skeletons” (United States)
Psychoneurosis – “Society” (Poland)
Population Reduction – “Amish Meth Dealer” (United States)
Pigsty – “Demon Alcohol” (Czech Republic)
P.L.F. – “Unseen Deceiver” (United States)
Owen Hart – “You’ll See 8 Years Olds in Hell” (United States)
O.L.D. – “Colostomy Grab Bag” (United States)
Parlamentarisk Sodomi – “Klaebukronikene (De Anarkistke An(n)aller)” (Norway)
The Parallax View – “Armed With Scripture and Functional Rationality” (United States)
Plague Rages – “Ter” (Brazil)
Pig Destroyer – “Preacher Crawling” (United States)
Obligatorisk Tortyr – “Under Ytan” (Sweden)
Psycho – “Nicotine Addiction” (United States)
Ojciec Dyktator – “Love Life of Michael K.” (Poland)
Otophobia – “Hardcore Kids Have the Coolest Tattoos” (United States)
Pignation – “Satan Saves” (Poland)
Plutocracy – “Erupt” (United States)
Poppy Seed Grinder – “Monument of Depravity” (Czech Republic)

Total to date: 290 bands


Amalgamated said...

indonesian masters Proletar and upstarts Onset Of Serious Problems both deserve to be on this list. OOSP have a free ep loaded with quality songs. they are a full-length away from earning your praise.

there is more to southeast asia than magnicide and wormrot

Amalgamated said...

^^ shit, my bad. that harsh tone was unintentional - it was meant to be an observation not a slight against you.

Andrew Childers said...

it's cool. i've heard of oosp but haven't checked them out yet. thanks for the heads up on the ep.

hell, the best part of the alphabet has been people turning ME on to new shit i've never heard.

Will BSP said...

prophecy of doom.

DesiccatedVeins said...

Patareni, Parade of the Lifeless, and don't forget Progeria.

Shanetera said...

A Piece of Shit
Physical Challenge
One King Down
Order 66
Outta Line
Orange Goblin
Pantera (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Paint It Black
Peter Mangalore (d-beat powerviolence)
Premonitions of War
Poser Disposer
Pulling Teeth

Andrew Childers said...

one king down, shane? seriously? i'll pretend i didn't hear that. the only way i'd ever post pantera is if it were their early hair metal shit.


Anonymous said...

You should definitely check out Poostew! They're not as stupid as the name sounds!

Shanetera said...

I like vegan hardcore, and Rob Fusco, real nice dude. What do you want from me?
And yes Pantera, fuck you. Saying you don't like Pantera is like saying you don't like to eat. It's just asinine.

andrew said...

i don't like pantera. i have no patience for lunk head tuff guy bullshit. but i do love to eat.

Shanetera said...

I will never stick up for their fan base, drunken rednecks with low to no IQs and a penchant for nonconstructive violence. But man can Pantera write riffs. Rex Brown and Dimebag really shred. These guys also brought tons of great bands on tour with them and introduced lots of people to sludge and black metal. But hey, this is a grind blog, not a metal blog.

andrew said...

i do not re. spect. the walk.
when everyone else was gooing over dimebag in high school i was getting my shred on with mad max and andreas kisser.

Shanetera said...

Guess I prefer to have my cake and eat it too.