Friday, May 6, 2011

Grindcore Alphabet: N

How to deal with Napalm Death? Arguably, the band has two (possibly three or four) distinct incarnations of various grindiness. I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume most of you are intimately familiar with grind’s first family, but in the interest of completeness, Napalm will be the only the second band to get double billing in a mixtape (Repulsion also got a shoutout to their early Genocide incarnation). The title track of From Enslavement to Obliteration will represent the early years while my favorite Utopia Banished tune should do the Barney years justice.
Oh, and there’s also a shitload of other great bands whose names start with N. And a lot of them are really, really fucking weird.
Here’s your letter N mixtape [Mediafire]:

Non Compos Mentis – “Come on In” (United States)
Nyia – “Of Power” (Poland)
N.I.B.I.R.U. – “The History of Enslavement” (United States)
No Gang Colors – “This Jug Kills Fascists” (United States)
Napalm Death – “Dementia Access” (England)
Nothing More to Eat – “Crackwhore Zombies” (Finland)
Neurosis – “Training” (United States)
Noisear – “Fraudulent” (United States)
Nasum – “I See Lies” (Sweden)
Nashgul – “Crematorio” (Spain)
Naked City – “Osaka Bondage” (United States)
Noism – “Computer Illiterate” (Japan)
Negligent Collateral Collapse – “The Facts” (Czech Republic)
Narcosis – “It’s Not a Birthmark, It’s a Bruise” (England)
Nyctophobic – “Restless” (Germany)
Napalm Death – “From Enslavement to Obliteration” (England)
Nuclear Death “Lurker in the Closet: A ‘Fairy’ Tale” (United States)
No Comment – “A Mother’s Crime” (United States)

Total to date: 267 bands


gamefaced said...


Will BSP said...

Needful Things from Czech

Shanetera said...

Nails (Surprised you didn't name them)
Nazi Dust
Nuclear Scorn
Nine Shocks Terror
No Joke
Nation of Finks
Netjajev SS
No Comply
No Warning
No Master
Nuclear Assault
North Side Kings

brutalex said...

Nimbus Terrifix (ex- Dead Radical)


Andrew Childers said...

uhh peeps. look again. no way i was gonna forget noisear.

Anonymous said...

No Le$$?

gamefaced said...


206-grind said...
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Amalgamated said...

that double bass roll at the end of dementia access was all the reminder i needed that mick harris was shit.

andrew said...

i love the shit out of the song precisely because the drumming was awesome.

i have to disagree on mick. he was just a punkier drummer. but herrera has (had) this awesome intensity.