Wednesday, January 30, 2013

G&P Review: Beatriz Carnicero

Beatriz Carnicero
No Reces

Continuing the theme of kickass albums Andrew should have addressed back in 2012, Uruguayan fastcore/power violence gauchos Beatriz Carnicero run the Infest back catalogue through a modern filter and puke out pure awesomeness on the other side with killer little EP No Reces (No Prayers). Beatriz Carnicero sling the kind of high protein power violence that doesn't linger beyond 60 seconds (copious samples included) as the band reels off 15 songs in a comfortably re-playable eight minutes.
Ubiquitous samples aside, Beatriz Carnicero do not deign to grant you the mercy of any buildup or decompression. They body slam straight into the various songs with concussive force. This is grinding hardcore played with all the subtlety of a multicar pileup on the freeway. The songs, themselves, are universally fragmented and jagged, lacking any smooth edges to ease your landing when they drop you back to earth.
The only knock I have on No Reces (and this is getting into seriously nitpicky personal pet peeve territory) is that they slap the overused Howard Beale freakout rant from Network at the very end, but even that's not enough to mar the amazing music Beatriz Carnicero are serving up. It just encourages me to stop it 15 seconds early and roll it back to song number one yet again.

[Full disclosure: the band sent me a download.]


Anonymous said...

The cassette version is available through OPAQUS RECORDS (for a copy contact opaqus at or look us up on facebook/storeenvy)

Perpetual Strife said...

sucha good sample, but you're right, i wish only one band used it.

great ep as well, really fresh yet nostalgic.