Wednesday, February 13, 2013

G&P Review: Beastplague


Promiscuous Florida trio Beastplague adventurously grab every musical tool at hand and toss them into Manifestation's seven songs as they see fit. Bits of hardcore, grind and death metal jumble out of their amps. So that puts Beastplague in steady company with Exitium and Mother Brain even if they haven't quite put all of the pieces together as well as either of those other bands.
Swinging like the fulcrum of Manifestation is "Labyrinth of Torture," which is probably the most complete song of the bunch while the hardcore band with Bolt Thrower double kick shtick of "Crown of Scorn" might be a close second. There's a really nice weight and sense of physicality to Beastplague's sound that would probably crush live in a sweaty basement filled with amped up hooligans, especially when that low-bridging bass swings through "Born of Sin" like Scott Stevens catching a forward with his head down coming through the neutral zone.
If there's one area I'd like to which I'd like to see Beastplagues maybe devote some more effort, it would be at the mic. The vocalist roars through triumphant exhortations sort of like a grindcore Jamie Jasta (only without all the, ya know, suck), but the shouted-just-short-of-intelligibility approach is a bit one dimensional. I'd love to hear the vocalist mix it up more and bring some more dynamisms to Beastplague's assault. Do that, and it would maximize this band's punch.

[Full disclosure: the band sent me a download.]

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