Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blast(beat) from the Past: Brutal Death

Brutal Death
Brutal Death


Seriously? Do I have to go through the whole rigmarole of even bothering to describe what a 7-inch by a band called Brutal Death sounds like? If you can’t figure it out, please raise your hands so we all know who can’t be trusted with sharp objects. But since their internet presence is nil (and their name is woefully Google-proof) and I’m not set up to rip vinyl yet, let’s go through the motions.
Named … ahem … Brutal Death and swiping the Napalm Death font, the trio’s repertoire extends all the way from enslavement to extreme responses. Though as raw as an open, suppurating wound, the production gives the guitar, drums and vocals their own space, making this one of the better balanced of all the underproduced EPs I’ve heard. Drummer Sean has that same creepy crawly reverb to his drums – especially the floor toms – that made early Bad Brains demos so awesome (seriously, go give Black Dots a close listen). And there is no need for a bass with Mike’s low-slung, crusty guitar ripping and gnawing like a hippo with an impacted tusk on a tooth-grinding coke bender. Covering all the bases from Frankensteined power violence lurch through white knuckled grind frenzy and boasting an urban tagger graffiti style for the interior art, Brutal Death actually remind me quite a bit of a rawer Magrudergrind.
Definitely not to be confused with another grindcore Brutal Death that apparently bangs out nothing but songs about the Backstreet Boys. There’s a reason that atrocity’s MySpace page only has four friends – including Tom. But I’d count this Brutal Death a friend any day.


Unknown said...

As I don't have any way to play them, I'm letting the 7inch world pass me by for the nonce.

The guy on the cover is having a great time.

And also, another Brutal Death that only writes about Backstreet Boys. Huwhaaaa?

Andrew Childers said...

i wish to hell i had a rig to rip this one cuz it's a sweet ass little ep. i posted mostly hoping somebody would have some more info on them. my next post will be on a post-bxdx band. but that's really all i know.

i also wish i saved the link to that backstreet boy band. i can't seem to find it anymore.

Unknown said...

I heard heard these guys on the California Thrash comp. Good stuff.

206 said...

your record player needs a pre-amp. go out from the mixer/amp in to your soundcard. then you just need a free ware wave editor to record the songs.

Radio Shack. DIY paradise.

andrew said...

dude, my record player is 20 years old. i just want to replace it but that has to wait until after we buy a house in a few months.

Unknown said...

If you will it dude, it is no dream.

Anonymous said...

Brutal Death were a band from Concord California. the members are now in Migraine and some other bands. Basically, an excruciating terror minus the crust influence. I have the 7" plus the skrupel split along with a bunch of other records I'm trying to sell to make rent. Shoot me an email at roachmill43@yahoo.com

Clint B said...

Great record. Great dudes. And the guy on the cover in Donnie Palmer, one of Oakland, CA's most extreme party dudes. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

can somebody, anybody, get these mp3's! my life depends on it =]

send me an email