Saturday, November 24, 2007

G&P review: Bloody Phoenix

Bloody Phoenix
War, Hate & Misery
625 Thrash

Guitarist Jerry Flores manned the barricades at grindcore’s inception with Excruciating Terror, but he girds Bloody Phoenix’s grind with a layer of d-beat goodness.
Through 26 tracks, Flores and associates -- a pair of vocalists in tow -- spit venom on debut War, Hate & Misery. (Spoiler alert: BP think they’re all bad.)
The album’s woofer rumbling production is blown out and bass heavy and shot through with that punk sense of desperation. Pay attention because they’re serious, dammit.
Like follower lifers Phobia, Bloody Phoenix are the kind of band you can throw on just about any metal or punk bill and guarantee a raging show.
Check out “I Understand” for a perfect example of the band’s hydra-headed assault, harking back to d-beat progenitors Disrupt with the pass the mic male and female vocals.
Bloody Phoenix are an excellent time capsule of grind’s formative years when hardcore ran face first into metal and birthed legions of basement speedfreaks. This album also makes a great gateway drug for one of grind’s early and underappreciated practitioners.
Hell, the nice people over at Interpunk are practically giving this album away so what have you got to lose?

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