Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Dirty (Baker's) Dozen 11: Agoraphobic Nosebleed

Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Altered States of America

A drug addled CNN for the grindcore masses, ANb set their sights on rotting civilization and just let the cameras roll. Altered States documents disease, political strife, apocalyptic cults and underage Hispanic hookers with the same dispassion, almost documentary style.
Scott Hull grinds, thrashes and programs superhuman blastbeat beatdowns while vocal trio J. Randall, Carl Schulz (Prosthetic Cunt) and Richard Johnson (Enemy Soil, Drugs of Faith) spew their accumulated bile.
While much can be made about Nosebleed’s place at the forefront of the drum machine driven blipcore renaissance, don’t overlook Randall’s electronic meanderings as the other half of the collective’s core. After twiddling the synthesizer knobs for Bostonians Isis and Cave In, he applies his own devilish electronic flair to ANb’s crowning achievement to date.
If for no other reason, ANb deserves inclusion on the list for the absurd feat of cramming 100 tracks into less than 22 minutes, on a 3-inch CD no less, to crown the whole gonzo debacle.
If a zombified Hunter Thompson took one last meth fueled rampage through Sin City, this would be his soundtrack.


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Rich said...

To pull up an old post, what do you think about ANb's newer stuff like "Agorapocalypse?"