Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blast(beat) from the Past: Denak


Having lavaged expectorate of a sycophantic nature all over Looking for an Answer and Nashgul, it’s time to step back and correct a major oversight. I need to recognize one of the true foundational bands of Spanish grindcore. I’m talking about motherfucking Denak. They were a band so goddamned awesome they simply titled their 7-inch compendium Grindcore because that’s pretty much all you need to know about them: they played grindcore. And those fuckers played it pretty damn well.
LFAA and Nashgul’s festering apple didn’t fall far from this corroded tree (and I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to hear Afgrund have a few choice Denak EPs tucked away in their collection). Denak’s songs are fast, punky, static-flayed and ionized with an electric intensity. Denak played grindcore like it was fired from a railgun. The secret warhead in Denak’s arsenal was the Witte-grade drumming of Juan, who was bondage gear tight but graceful and fluid with his spot on frills on songs like “Carlos Torio” or the all blasts/wailing/cymbal crashing “Solo.”

Denak – “Solo”

Over 38 tracks (and two thoroughly pointless and annoying noise remixes), Denak tick off every requirement for a grind band, but do it with a flawless professionalism. Guitars buzz like wet hornets (“!M.E.T.P. No!”) and subterranean roars build a foundation for star screaming shrieking. Though it’s a collection of early works, Grindcore is pretty damn consistent. The disparate collection of splits and 7-inches manages to cohere into a satisfying listening experience on its own.
Denak’s influence, though not as heralded as some, still rattles through grindcore, if you know where to look.

Nashgul ---- “Estado de Bienestar (Denak)”

P.L.F. ---- “Siempre Yo (Denak)”


Unknown said...

I have always read a lot about these guys. They're kind of lime Sarcofigo for me. Bands I havnt really listened to but am sure I'd like.

Andrew Childers said...

i realized after i posted that denak remind me most of my minds mine/blood i bleed. so i bet you'd love the hell out of this band. kinda hard to find though. selfmadegod used to stock their stuff. dunno if they still do.

Alex Layzell said...

A few years back I bought this on ebay purely for the reason that the album title was Grindcore, worth the purchase. Btw since you like your spanish Grindcore, any love for Haemorrhage?

Andrew Childers said...

gore doesn't jazz me much so i've never spent any time with them, ortho