Thursday, August 19, 2010

G&P Review: Jesus Crost

Jesus Crost
Bones Brigade
If I’d been more organized (or frankly given a half nickel whorefuck) I’d probably gotten off my ass sooner to have this post coincide with that soccer thingy (scuze me, football for all you dirty foreigners) that had people sending death threats to a harmless mollusk. But America sucked (like usual) and we stopped caring quickly (like usual – USA! USA! USA!). Anyway, I was too busy gloating about the Blues landing Jaroslav Halak for the price of an empty puckbag to a former coworker of Canadien extraction.
So more importantly, power violent Dutch soccer hooligans Jesus Crost, who have a pending split with Phobia, upped their game on second album 010, which nicely continues the themes of previous album Tot. The only major difference is the band does tend to fall slightly more on the side of power violence than the grind this outing. Though the blasting rarely takes a break, Jesus Crost know just when to drop a musical changeup into the mix, whether it’s the chugalug of “Ungehever,” the cocksure strut of “Parasit” or the brain-rending screech of “Fickpisse.”

Jesus Crost – “Fickpisse”

The band even throws a vocal curve ball on “Gonorrhea” and “Battisa,” mixing in some pig squeals with the screeches just to keep things interesting. So if blasting grindy, violency noise is your thing, 010 will ably achieve that GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!


Ryan Page said...

Not commenting on any post in particular, but I did want to pop in and say the posts this past week have been particularly good. Will check out x-band.

Andrew Childers said...

thanks for that. i've been feeling rather burned out lately and like my writing wasn't as sharp as it should be. so i appreciate the kind words.

Andrew Childers said...

let's just say it won't hurt my feelings to see him in a blues jersey.

Wooderson said...

Considering the Hawks gave away half their team in the off season, you might get your wish.

Back to the music - I haven't heard this one yet but I'm gonna (Bones Brigade is slowly becoming the label of choice). Too bad about the pig vocals though as that's a big negative in my books.

Andrew Childers said...

i've become obsessed with selfmadegod. that's pretty much the only place i buy from anymore and i buy just about every one of their new releases.

Autonocuous said...

Gotta love Bones Brigade especially for giving us bands like Blockheads and putting out the enemy soil disco. Selfmadegod also excellent but I'd have to say 625 for me. They've been a part of my life for so long now I can't imagine going on without 'em.