Monday, December 13, 2010

Demo-lition Derby: Failure Trace

Failure Trace
Demo 2009
I don’t know if Failure Trace’s limitations are technological or financial, but the Thai band has yet to hand me a consistent sounding demo. The production on their latest batch of tunes is all over the place from the prime time ready “Five Pills Perennially” or “Bangkok International Homeless” to the barely audible live-in-the-rehearsal-dive jams of “Continue or New Game.” It’s maddening because when you can actually hear the music, it’s pretty fucking good. Like I would pay for this good. Failure Trace sound like everything I wish Bangsat would be, a grind band that won’t shy away from a tasty mid-tempo groove. From what I can hear, the band has also tightened up its songwriting since their last demo and the progression makes me drool like Pavlov’s pup over the thought of them scraping together the scratch to fund a decent sounding session. The band has a pending four way split with Magnitizdat, Onanizer and Nervous Impulse so hopefully that will give them the leg up to make that happen. And maybe they can huddle up with Nervous Impulse to discuss their attitudes toward homosexuality. Having a song called “Faggot Regime” only works if being gay is, ya know, a bad thing. Otherwise, this is a band that’s got real breakout potential in the next few years. I’ve zipped their songs for your pleasure and give it a listen for yourself here.

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Alex Layzell said...

Ahh I got send this by the band also, but they never said who they were, nor did the tags indicate, nor did they reply when I asked, glad that I finally have it worked out.