Friday, May 20, 2011

Grindcore Alphabet: Q, R

Where are you, Q? No, I don’t mean beloved bygone character actor Desmond Lleweyn who gadgeted up James Bond before so many of his missions. I mean where is the grindcore Q? Folks, this is the first letter where I’ve completely struck out. Not a one as far as I can find. I’m probably wrong, and I’ll be delighted if you correct me because right now there’s no joy in Mudville; the mighty Casey Andrew has struck out.
But R, now there’s a proper, respectable grindcore letter. Luckily it more than carries its weight this week, making up for that bum Q’s laziness.LinkHere’s your letters Q and R mixtape [Mediafire]:

Resistant Culture – “Beneath the Concrete” (United States)
Rune – “Four Season Landmark” (United States)
Rato Raro – “Naturalmuerte” (Brazil)
Rot – “Back to the Punk Days” (Brazil)
Rise Above – “Else” (Japan)
Repulsion – “Crematorium” (United States)
Rehumanize – “Planet Laodicea” (United States)
Rotten Sound – “Edge” (Finland)
Realized – “Dominated” (Japan)
Righteous Pigs – “I Hope You Die in a Hotel Fire” (United States)
Retaliation – “Retribution” (Sweden)
Red – “Divided Grief Burns You” (Japan)
Rudimentary Peni – “Alice Crucifies the Paedophiles” (England)
Robocop – “Feminism Uber Alles” (United States)
Relevant Few – “Fake Healer” (Sweden)
Reversal of Man – “Butterflies” (United States)

Total to date: 306 bands


Will said...

Roskopp (US)
Roskopp (AU)
Raw Noise

Anonymous said...


Alex Layzell said...

Repulsione (no typo)
Raw Decimating Brutality
Raw Hate
Real Reggae (Japanese Grind)
Religious Nightmare
Res Gestae
Rhino Charge
Romantic Gorilla
Quattro Stagioni
Quarto Potere

DRJones said...

little too death, but queef huffer come to mind.

2nd rhino charge.

Unknown said...

Alex listed a few bands I forgot. I feel so ashamed.

Andrew Childers said...

shit i forgot rzeznia. i've got that one laying around here. dunno how i overlooked it. good catch.

Unknown said...

Is it just me or does Q look like he's holding a joint?

andrew said...

bond: sho q, doesh that contain a poison needle? a miniature explosive? perhapsh shome kind of micro-computer?

q. good gracious, no, bond. but you can get royally ripped. *pfffffffft*

Unknown said...

I still laugh at that Andrew, good times as The 'Rot says.

Pascal Cretain said...

Shit, you are right, there ain't any from Q! I looked up Quill and indeed they do have the split with Charles Bronson; they are all alone in the Q Room of Grind.

How about we start one - I have a name ready : Qabalah Beyond Necropsy.

On another note, what a fine blog you have put together, Sir! After 8 years of aversionline (all hailz) and 2 years of metal inquisition (all LULZ), G&P is currently the undisputed winner.

Keep up the great work!

Andrew Childers said...

thanks pascal. i'm currently trying to find words for your project.