Monday, January 30, 2012

Grindcore Bracketology 2: Week 3 Results/The 4-5 Matchups

I'm sorry to tell you all, but every single vote you've cast so far has been completely wasted. We're going to have to start over completely from the beginning because we all missed one guitarist who will run away with the whole competition. I don't know how we missed her in the beginning, but bow before your queen.

8-Year-Old Guitarist Makes Us All Look Bad - Watch More Funny Videos

While you sit there looking ashamed over your inability to remember the complex chord progression of "You Suffer," here's the 3-6 results.

The Old Guard
Gurn ran away with it, squashing Toshimi a perfect 10-0.

The Innovators
We're all going to infinity and beyond with space grinder Papirmollen, who edged out Talarczyk 7-5.

The Punks
No contest, Insect Warfare's Beau ran the table against Kill the Client's Richardson 12-0.

The Technicians
Another blowout with Erik Burke taking a 9-0 lead over the Creation is Crucifixion dudes.

So, we're moving on. As always you can check out the updated bracket here. Meanwhile, here's the last batch from round one, on to the 4-5s.

The Old Guard
4. Pintado (Terrorizer/Napalm Death/Resistant Culture) v. 5. Habelt (Siege)
Habelt had no clue he was inventing grindcore with Siege. Pintado helped perfect it over the next two decades.

The Innovators
4. Johnson (Enemy Soil/Drugs of Faith) v. 5. Borja (Maruta)
I've said this a lot, but Richardson has done a buttload to drag grind kicking and screaming into the future with drum machines and grindcore swing. Borja invented an instantly recognizable guitar tone that perfectly encapsulates grindcore's grizzly edge.

The Punks
4. Aalto (Rotten Sound) v. 5. Rasyid (Wormrot)
Finland and its Scandinavian kin represented the best grindcore had to offer during the first decade of the century. The next decade belongs to Southeast Asia. Who rules right now?

The Technicians
4. Rokicki (Antigama) v. 5. Arp (Psyopus)
I don't have the foundation in advanced chaos mathematics to keep up with either of these guitarists, but I recognize the insane talent involved.

As always, you've got until Sunday to make your best arguments.


Ryan Page said...

Tough call on the first one...

I'm going to with Habelt.

Richard Johnson



Unknown said...

I prefer Siege much more, but Pintado just has a legacy of gold. Not just one amazing EP.
This one is real tough. Guess I hand it to Johnson for being in it for the long haul.
Rasyid, no contest.
Arpmandude, no contest.

DesiccatedVeins said...

The Old Guard
I know in my brain that Pintado's the better player, but luckily for Habelt, my gut's the one at the keyboard. Besides that, the yin and yang of Siege's punk and Repulsion's gore metal are what made the genre what it is. Without Siege to balance that axis out, grind would be nothing more than sloppy death metal.

The Innovators
Huh, kind of a tough one. Dick Johnson definitely did his part to shepherd grind safely out of the '90s, and for better or worse, Borja taught us what meaty-as-fuck Discordance Axis riffs sound like. Maybe it's 'cause I'm guilty about sending one Rob Marton worshipper through already, or maybe it's because Fractured Theology is sounding really good right now, but I'm gonna vote Johnson.

The Punks
This one's no contest to me. Wormrot re-energized grindcore's classic sound while managing to sound like they're from this decade, while Rotten Sound basically sound like Nasum got really boring in whatever decade they happen to be recording in.

The Technicians
I know Arp is a technically fantastic player, and I do like his melodic flourishes before the chaos gets laid on thick, but to me he's the Yngwie Malmsteen of extreme music: the talent's there in spades, but there aren't any songs to go along with it. I don't always love Antigama, but I'm giving my vote to Rokicki.

Perpetual Strife said...

First one is a doozy. I do think jesse was the better guitarist and craftsmen, injecting the perfect amount of metal in grindcore for World Download, the second best effort behind Anticapital in the world of metaly grindcore.

Never been much of an Enemy Soil fan, but since This Comp... I've come to really like Johnson's ability to sneak rock n'roll riffs into a grinding punk slop of mind-tempo extremity. Maruta's latest effort did nothing for me and the guitar playing sounded so sterile and clouded. Reminded me of Malignancy, but somehow more one-trick-ponyish.

Boy of boy this is tough. Rotten Sound's a band I've fallen out of love with, but there's a lot of fond memories. Wormrot's been my rebound effort and have really grown into their own. I'm going to give it to Rasyid because of his actual riffwork and combination of punk+metal. He's not just tuning out the lows and the highs and playing what he played 10 years ago.

I don't know who I dislike more.

Alexsmusic said...

Old guard
Based solely on playing ability Pintado.

Borja - No contest. I love Maruta's guitar work and despise the r'n'r riffs of DoF.

The Punks
Rasyid has some of the best punk riffs ever. Much more organic and entertaining then Rotten Sound.

I've never heard Psyopus before this but after listening to a few of their songs I have to give them the vote over Antigama. The guitar playing is much more memorable yet extremely technical.

HeroinJesus said...

Old Gaurd: Hablet all the way, fuckin love siege. this one is a question of quality over quantity, Pintado did more, but everything by siege is fuckign gold, so it goes to him

Innovators: this one's tough, but i think i'm gonna go with my gut on with my gut and the fact that i listen to enemy soil waaaaaaaay more than maruta. Drugs of faith aint my thing, but still, enemy soil is good enoyugh to get my vote

Punks: Raysid, he writes some incredible riffs that are catchy as fuck. I can hum a ton of wormrot riffs, i have a hard time remembering a single rotten sound one.

Technicians: I'm not even putting a vote in on this one, i don't like either of these bands. I can't find the appeal in Antigama and Psyopus gives me a headache, it sounds like a cat running over a guitar.

Anonymous said...

The old guard-Surely Pintado

The innovators-hmmm..I will go with Johnson on that one

The punks-OHHH man!!!!!!!!Thats the toughest decision ever!!Ill say Rasyid because he changes riffs quite a lot over a track but only for that.

The technicians-Rokicki no contest there.

Sorry for being anonymous i dont have an account.James from Greece:)

Bill Willingham IV, Esquire said...

I was one of the votes for Mieszko, but I don't mind seeing him lose to such a badass. That was a close one for me.

Old dudes: Pintado. World Downfall would be enough if that was all he ever did.

The Innovators: Tough! I'm going to go with Borja. Richardson's grind 'n' roll sound is hot, definitely, but Maruta hit the spot more often for me. Borja's tone is fucking amazing. (Also, as an aside: Perp Strife's pejorative comparison to Malignancy a while back made me check out Malignancy. Thanks! I dig it. Diff'rent strokes and all.)

The Punks: Rasyid! I got bored with Rotten Sound a while back, but just recently came around to their latest album. Wormrot, though, are just so much more vibrant right now.

The Technical Violators (get 90 days in the can but retain their status as probationers, heh *pushes up glasses*): I can't get into either of these bands, so I'm going to abstain. Insanely talented and all, but just not my bag.

Novel said...

Old Guard: Pintado

Innovators: Borja. To many sweet riffs to not pick him. Salient has been in my head all year.

Punks: Rasyid. Wormrot knocked me over when I first heard them, Rotten Sound put me to sleep.

Techs: Rokicki. Antigama's last album was solid. I've never enjoyed Psyopus.

Perpetual Strife said...

Bill: happy you like Malignancy, I find them to get unfairly swept under the carpet as just another brutal tech whatever death metal. Super nice dudes and fun live (killed it at MDF a couple of years back). If you ever want to listen to terrodactyl screams and pinch harmonics

I'd totally die before I call Psyopus a grindcore band, but I'm totally enjoying this tom-foolery of fretboard silliness. Reminds me of one of my most hidden dirty secrets: I like Beneath the Massacre's first EP.
Something about sterile sounding guitars flipping the fuckout.

Moe said...


brown power

PatrickDM said...


borja....really interesting riffs...i love the angular stuff. wish there was more of it in grind

rasyid..rotten sound riffs are dull..i used to listen to them mostly for kai hahto's drumming

arp...amazing guitarist

Vegas said...

Johnson (the toughest choice yet, but he has a few decades of solid releases on Borja)
Rasyid (Insect Warfare worship beats Nasum worship)

Unknown said...

Fuck, Perpetual Strife says it so well. PsyOpus is most certainly not a grind band. But they're songs are almost entirely blast beats and retarded guitar/bass drilling into your skull, and that's close enough. I also attest to liking Beneath the Massacre. They're like Cryptopsy with less soul. Holy dicks Mr. Childers if you ever do a drummer only bracket please put Flo Mournier on there.

PatrickDM said...

yes! there should def be a drummer bracket some day.

Andrew Childers said...

i've put some thoughts into drummers for next year....

i saw cryptopsy three times on the "...and then you'll beg soon" tour. watching flo drum like a demon while singing at the same time was transcendent.

DesiccatedVeins said...

If there was a drummers bracket, Dave Witte, Bryan Fajardo, Brian Harvey and Kai Hahto would all get out their first round and the drum machine from Agoraphobic Nosebleed would win the whole kit 'n' kaboodle, but graciously credit its win to inspiration from the drum machine from Enemy Soil.

Andrew Childers said...

the bongos from wadge beg to differ.

Alex Layzell said...

Old Guard - Pintado,no contest
Innovators - Johnson, tough call but 2 awesome projects beats 1.
Punks - Raysid, Wormrot have redeemed themselves with Noise.
Technicians - Rokicki

Trey Azagthoth's Quake III Clan said...

Mostly bands I'm not familiar enough with to make the call this round, but for the "Punks" my vote goes to Rasyid. Yeah, Rotten Sound vs. Wormrot is a hard choice, but Wormrot has "Fuck... I'm Drunk", one of grindcore's coolest guitar lines. For the old guard I vote Pintado.

GrindNinja said...


GrindNinja said...

Just a few comments on this...

I love Siege, but Jesse is one of the most unrelenting and punishing guitarists of his time. World Downfall come out in 1989 and the guitar work on that is pretty much note perfect. The tone is amazing and his later works in everything from Lock Up to Brujeria, holy shit... the guy is a riff machine. Siege are amazing as a band, but Pintado is a pioneer and continued too churn out quality riffs year after year. As far as guitarist go he is probably the guy who melded Grind from an idea into a art form.

Also drummers would be awesome. Taking into account things like if they use triggers, how they pull off the blasts live and the size of their kit (I prefer guys who use a basic set up and make it sound massive) will be fun.

Chaosphere said...

Old guard.
Pintado. In my opinion World Downfall > Drop Dead. Plus out of all the old classic grind albums World Downfall was by far the tightest playing wise and raised the bar for grindcore guitarists.

Definetly a unique and original style of guitar playing.

Wormrot over Rotten Sound any day. Truck loads of awesome riffs.

I'm not big on either these bands but my vote goes to Arp cos hes definetly an exremely skilled and accoplished guitarist.