Wednesday, December 5, 2012

G&P Review: Wretch

The Senseless Violence EP

Australian quartet Wretch came to wreck everything and ruin your life with a scathing brew of misanthropic hatred, bonesaw guitar and death metal gurgles. The secret to The Senseless Violence EP is that Wretch is lying to you. This brand of sadism if thoroughly premeditated, purposely distilling the keenest killing edges from death metal and grindcore. The tempos blast but that razor across the femur guitar tone and brewing diarrhea vocals are dredged from the sleaziest septic pools of gore flecked death metal.
True to its name, "Shit Shovel" sounds like about what you'd expect from somebody who toils in human feces all day: a downtrodden death metal anthem about sickness, decay and filth. Other songs like "Purveyors of Senseless Violence" and "Gorging" slap the sickest death vox on top of Bolt Thrower chug like a cave man riding a cruise missile.
If that sounds like it's a heady brew, it is. Wretch writhe through an amazing atmosphere and their songs have character. What they don't have yet is a consistent hook. Maruta and Priapus have also plumbed the fetid depths of death metal tone and grindcore ambition, but those two outfits know how to consistently marry those elements into something that's got heft and a memorable hook. If Wretch work on that part, they'll be a seriously scary bunch of dudes.


Perpetual Strife said...

found this one a bit too typical and uninteresting. Just watched Snowtown Murders and wish Aussies would quote that instead of Romperstomper.

Andrew Childers said...

is that any good? netflix keeps telling me to watch it but i haven't gotten around to it yet.

Perpetual Strife said...

Yeah, real good (although I like harsh,violent and moody films). A friend of mine who's Australian said a lot of people walked out of its premier.