Wednesday, March 4, 2009

G&P review: Drugs of Faith

Drugs of Faith
2008 Demo
Drugs of Faith's latest demo sets a new (Jo) Bench-mark for bassist Taryn Wilkinson whose supple yet hefty performance lurks over this five minute, three song EP like a glower front giant. Her playing is practically a physical presence as she and guitarist Richard Johnson craft another hefty and hook-laden amalgam of industrial grade grind and hardcore.
Opener "Race to the End" passes the truth in advertising test with a Heisman worthy rush to the endzone. "The Age of Reason," a timely yet blistering ode to rejecting religious superstition in favor of reason and the scientific method, introduces a start-stop dynamic to the Virginians' overstocked songwriting repertoire that expands the band's boundaries and provides a welcome palette cleanser from session drummer Jake Cregger's otherwise dominating drum performance. His blasts and fills are tighter than a pickled nun's anus as he methodically works over his kit, leaving not tom untapped and no cymbal unsmashed.
While Johnson has more than a passing familiarity with the drum machine, he and Wilkinson may want to extend an invite to Cregger to imbibe their drugs on a fulltime basis because his physical style meshes perfectly with their organic performance.
Though Drugs of Faith bill this as a demo, mastered by Johnson's Agoraphobic Nosebleed fellow traveller Scott Hull, this platter lays waste to many a professionally recorded offering with a (presumably) Lilliputian budget in comparison. If this is meant to be a teaser for an impending new release, Drugs of Faith have got me hooked on their crack.

[Full disclosure: Johnson graciously sent me a copy of the demo for propaganda purposes.]


Apoctosis said...

Another band I've been enjoying as of late. Loved their split with Antigma. These guys are actually playing at the radio station at College Park soon...

Rosemary said...

Richard Johnson is the grind-father!

brutalex said...

Football metaphor = false grind.

But seriously, great band. So fucking hard to find though.

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