Tuesday, September 15, 2009

G&P Review: Juice Tyme!

Juice Tyme!
Juice Tyme!

Named after a bag-in-a-box drink company (and why not?) NoVa-Richmond, Va., fastcore quartet Juice Tyme! take me back to my college days trolling Rebound Records’ (RIP) overflowing punk section and randomly grabbing a handful of punk 7-inches. Which would be taken back to the dorm and carefully sorted and filed in a shoebox, natch. Juice Tyme!’s fastcore/chugging hardcore eight-song plastic platter spurs that kind of nostalgia.
Everything is appropriately punk sloppy with heaps of feedback, dollar store production and the added drama of guessing whether the band will be able to finish the song together. If you suspect there’s nothing new here, you’re right. But “Human Being” hits that Jason Voorhees stalker stride that Apartment 213 perfected and Juice Tyme! motormouth Kasper even has a twinge of the Steve Makita to his grated uvula declamations. Even when a song like “Bloody Hands” throttles back to a menacing chug, you just know it’s the looming thunderhead presaging yet another quick time lightning burst that will shatter trees and splinter phone poles. Punk scene piss-take “I’m So Hardcore’s” mynah bird mimickry lampoons the tuff guy/Boston Beatdown mentality with the kind of subtle sarcasm Seth Putnam seems to have lost in his couch cushions.
As long as there are pissed off, pimply teens who can’t quite hack high school, there will always be bands like Juice Tyme! The kind of band whose shows either feature people in the pit picking up change or picking up teeth.

[Full Disclosure: Forcefield kindly provided me with a copy.]


206 said...

Only $4.25+shipping? I love punk!

Andrew Childers said...

i can see the add campaign now.
are you troubled by the weak economy? hip hop claims to be a street smart and affordable, punk is far easier on your wallets, according to the latest jd power and associates performance test.