Thursday, July 22, 2010

Demo-lition Derby: Amputee

When regular commenter Rosemary sent me a recent email with the header “Assuck worship,” my attention was immediately piqued. I was doubly intrigued when I realized there was a missing modifier and it should have read powerviolent Assuck worship. Either way, the classic Floridians are these Jerseyians top MySpace friend and it shows.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
The quartet features members of Chainsaw to the Face (known to most of you from their appearance on This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 1) and Doomsday Machine Schematic and rip through four songs of the aforementioned Assuck worship in a breathless two minutes of audio orgasm. Though it's only two minutes, Amputee manage to cram in a full EP’s worth of headsnapping moments, putting the band’s dynamism to the fore with jaw jacks like the steampress bass of “Repetitions” or the way “Problem Of” manages to cram a VW’s worth of college students into 27 seconds of varied tempos and moods.
The band is making their demo available for download here, and it’s well worth the 30 seconds or so it will cost you.


Unknown said...

Chainsaw to the Face did a split 10" with Hummingbird of Death that's rather good. Check it out.

DesiccatedVeins said...

Powerviolent Assuck worship? Totally down.

Zmaj said...

Properly nice!

Loathsome said...

You should check the real ASSUCK worship dude!

Have fun!!

Andrew Childers said...

oh i'm well versed in cellgraft. just never gotten around to posting on them. i believe zmaj already did a bang-up job on that front.

sl0thedge said...

hey man i appreciate that review very much. we're gonna be putting out a 7" in a couple months and when we're finished i'll definitely send the songs your way


Anonymous said...

7 inch out now. Hit up for one.