Thursday, October 21, 2010

Demo-lition Derby: Robocop

Demo 2009
Aside from being my favorite rational punk, Ryan Page is an internet era Renaissance man. The multimedia mogul made his own film when he wasn’t busy setting all of my favorite movies to electroshocked music in Body Hammer (though I’m still waiting on an Ichi the Killer-themed song). If that weren’t enough to keep the college student busy, Page is also getting powerfully violent with hardcore band Robocop.
But nothing is ever that simple is it. I haven’t been able to get enough of demo opener “Intro/I Hope All Your Friends Die” as it bends sinister Holy Mountain era Sleep sludge into a power violence arc, just a snarling, nasty knot of seething aggression. The long, strained notes aren’t so much bent as outright garroted. Like Satellite Sleep, this is a demo that rises above the pack with a distinct and engaging atmosphere to the songs.
The rest of the demo works more familiar Capitalist Casualties-style territory, blasting punk that’s bolstered by impeccable drumming. The fills are spot on and always timely and the hammering is perfectly precise. After this demo, Robocop has meandered into even more interesting and experimental material, making them one to watch.
You can check out Robocop’s demo here , and they’re Bandcamped out here with some new material.


Ryan Page said...

Didn't know you were going to review this. Thank you sir.

Zmaj said...

Robocop II on bandcamp is damn wonderful noise. I've loved that sort of stuff since Man is the Bastard and its relevant side projects pounded it into me. Smoke volcanic dope, etc. Nice things.

Also, the soon-to-appear new & much faster KiKurachiyo almost contained an Ichi the Killer-themed track, but I said "Trash it!" (as opposed to "Thrash it!"), so no luck there, either.

Andrew Childers said...

years ago a friend and i fooled around with an ichi song called "falling like kakihara." it wasn't very good.