Thursday, October 7, 2010

G&P Review: This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2

This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2
Let me get my one complaint about Scott Hull’s latest retro comp grindfest out of the way first. Where the first volume reveled in the first new recorded music from Brutal Truth in a decade and the hey-look-at-that-they’re-still-alive-ness of Agents of Satan, by and large, the first comp was an awesome collection of up and comers that probably gave the wider world their first good look at the next wave of young grind. So, I’m rather disappointed to see the second volume is nearly half filled with reunited bands old enough to have appeared on the original Cry Now, Cry Later and Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrggaaah! comps this is aping. The effect threatens to turn This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2 into story hour at the local VFW as grizzled geezers rehash their salad days. The tracks from defunct pre-Mastodon grinders Social Infestation are from 2002, ferchrissakes.
But enough bitching, Vol. 2 packs 50 percent more grind and power violence than its predecessor and it’s still a vital link to a rash of new bands worth hearing.
The belles of the ball are easily Noisear who are at once speedy and engrossing, finally stepping out from under the shadow of Discordance Axis to become something that is at once technical, cathartic and wholly their own.
Triac are also raucous and rough and tumble while finally hearing Hummingbird of Death’s lofi ruckus, I get what everyone’s been raving about. Give Slovakians Idiots Parade a few more years and I could see them gunning for Suffering Mind’s championship belt. Drugs of Faith rehash “An Ode to Those Unwed” from their self titled EP and give us a new track, “Loss of Credibility,” that bodes well for their pending full length. Thrash masters Population Reduction should roam the streets of Tinseltown forcibly tattooing the title of “Real Zombies Don’t Run” on assorted Hollywood execs’ noggin. Marion Barry sound like Apartment 213 clones and Apartment 213 sound a lot like Apartment 213 as well. Septic Surge’s noise holocaust is exquisite, combining classic Agoraphobic Nosebleed with weed drenched Man is the Bastard.
Though I’m calling bullshit on the lack of swastika cock-spewing Obamas in the art, I am happy to say the addition of Voetsek and Despise You add a welcome dose of estrogen to what had previously been largely a boys only club (Spoonful of Vicodin excepted).
To try to single out a song or two to give you a taste of this one would be futile, so I’m just going to turn it over to Deathgrindfreak who’s already agreed to share his copy with the world.
[Full disclosure: Population Reduction kindly provided me with a review copy.]


Bill Willingham IV, Esquire said...

I was not initially floored by most of this volume like I was with the first, but it has grown on me.

That Crom track is fucking rad, and the Noisear stuff may be the best shit. I also have a soft spot for those ridiculous vocals bands like Lack of Interest use, so having them up front tickles me pink.

Zmaj said...

Found the first bit a bit harsh, 'cause I'd say that Vol. 2 has bands far less exposed than the ones on Vol. 1, a thing that I particularly enjoy about it.

P.S. I noticed that you're on Wikipedia (regarding Vol.1). Did you know about that? Says right there, "professional reviewers". :)

Alex Layzell said...

I enjoyed this release a lot, but I was expecting something more out of the ordinary with it. Aiding copyright infringement? tut tut tut

gamefaced said...

one - insect warfare
two - no insect warfare


Andrew Childers said...

zmaj: i'll agree there were way more obscure bands on the second disc, but i guess i just feel like the focus is slipping. does hull want this to be a genuinely updated version of the old style comps where a bazillion bands that couldn't afford their own records banded together on a comp or is this just a bunch of legacy bands on their second wind having a good time?

and gamefaced is right, insect warfare makes everything better.

DesiccatedVeins said...

Besides Noisear being the obvious champs of the comp (I mean, who didn't see that coming), my favorites are definitely Idiots Parade and Three Faces of Eve. By the way, Voetsek aren't the only equal-opportunity grinders Hull tapped, 'cause the vocalist of Idiots Parade is a woman, too. Speaking of them, definitely check out the split with Abortion. Also, if anyone has any other Three Faces of Eve material, hook me up.

DesiccatedVeins said...

& Hull's saving the Obama and cocks for the 7" edition, duh. It probably should be a hammer and sickle, though.

Andrew Childers said...

or a kenyan m00slim crescent and star.

Zmaj said...

Oh and, yes, bandwise I, too, find Noisear the triumphant one. Nigel also nailed it down with Idiots Parade and Three Faces of Eve. Ace bands.

And Insect Warfare's dead, so get over it! :P (Reminds of real-life things [not implying that Insect Warfare wasn't a real band]).

Andrew Childers said...

i'll get over insect warfare being dead when they stop releasing stuff and, ya know, act like a dead band. seems like they've put out more albums since they broke up than before.

gamefaced said...

never get over it. ever.

Andrew Childers said...

and there's a reason i chose that picture of broc from rehumanize for the interview above.


... is that an insect warfare T?

why yes. yes it is.