Friday, April 22, 2011

Grindcore Alphabet: L

Alright, you little bastards. Looking for an answer to your grindcore woes? Overwhelmed by lethargy, a lack of interest? Don’t just lie still. Direct your browser thusward to run a landmine marathon of blastbeats and brutality.
Enjoy your letter L mixtape with my complements [Mediafire].

Little Bastards – “Day by Day” (Japan)
Leb Prosiaka – “Feministki” (Poland)
Lethargy – “Image Tool” (United States)
Lost Sphere Project – “Velociraptor” (Switzerland)
Luddite Clone – “The Contortionist” (United States)
Long Pig – “Pectoral Riot” (Hungary)
Landmine Marathon – “White Widows” (United States)
Looking for an Answer – “Extincion” (Spain)
Lack of Interest – “Looking Blindly” (United States)
Lycanthropy – “I Have to Hate” (Czech Republic)
Lebenden Toten – “No Release” (United States)
Lie Still – “Demo Track 11” (United States)
Leng Tch’e – “Patriotic Pleasure” (Belgium)
The Locust – “Well I’ll Be a Monkey’s Uncle” (United States)
Lawnmower Deth – “Satan’s Trampoline” (England)
Lock Up – “Pretenders of the Throne” (United States/England/Sweden)

Total to date: 227 bands


Alexsmusic said...

Yes! A new letter of the alphabet! I look forward to this every friday. It's such a great way of learning about new bands. Thanks for sticking with this, we appreciate it.

Unknown said...

Liturgy(black metal but sweet)
Look Back And Laugh(hardcore)
Lt. Dan
Le Scrawl
Lair of the Minotaur(metal)
Lamb of God(metal)
Left For Dead(hardcore)
Lewd Acts(hardcore)
Life's Halt(amazing hardcore)
Limp Wrist

Flesh Monolith said...

It's Lycanthrophy; their fault.