Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Punk Pick: The Stooges

Punk rock pretty much begins with the Stooges (them and the Sonics). And while Iggy may have become something of a geriatric joke in the last several decades, what he created with the Stooges was something powerful and enduring. Bits of everything that would become punk can be found here -- and more, like weird jazz interludes. But the Stooges never lost sight of the importance of a simple, powerful song structure. With their big brother band the MC5, the Stooges proved Detroit rock was way more than lame Bob Seger and Ted Nugent.


Perpetual Strife said...

good pick! Go blues, big day...I'm afraid of dropping a RIP soon

Andrew Childers said...

i reconciled myself to the sweep after the first period of game 3. they just don't have it in them. i just remind myself that the oilers back in the 80s got blown out by the islanders before they learned how to win.