Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gamefaced, Come On Down!

Having been chosen by a jury of your peers (Ok, Perpetual Strife nominated you and the other assholes couldn't come to a consensus [Seriously, three commenters, four nominations. That's not how consensus works, people.]), Gamefaced, you are the winner of the Great Wake Giveaway. To say thanks to you for your consistent streak of great comments over the years, I'd like to present you with a copy of Wake's Leeches for your enjoyment (I'm sorry it's not like a brand new Insect Warfare album that the secretly reunited band recorded on the sly that nobody has heard yet).
Please send me an email (available under my profile) and I'll make arrangements to get it into your hands.
Just remember, this is for YOU. It is not for Orfee. Tell him to get his own. *Rolls up newspaper* Orfee, put it down! Bad Orfee!


Perpetual Strife said...

i'd like a recount

orfee said...

really, i deserve it most ;)

"sylight Bernard"

gamefaced said...

if someone could also be so kind as to send me a new needle for my fisherprice turn table, thxs.