Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend Punk Pick: Dead Kennedys

Many, many moons ago, I set out for college with a different Dead Kennedys shirt for every day of the week. So yeah, this band is kinda important to me. The DKs were a crucial link in my musical growth, my quest to find music that hit hard and had some intelligence behind it. And while Jello's lyrics are very pinpoint and hit on a host of '80s villains by name, the overarching themes of questioning authority, fear of governmental overreach and trying to keep the punk scene honest and relevant are just as applicable 30 years later.

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Perpetual Strife said...

really important band for me as well, Fresh Fruit... will always be a cornerstone of my musical taste. I used to wear that "kill the poor" backpatch and much to my dismay people would always ask me why I wanted to kill the poor.

Unrivaled style, sense of humor, and poignancy. About time Andrew.