Sunday, March 23, 2008

Carcass Word of the Day Calendar: Mar. 23, 2008

Following up on our recent foray into dental abuse, G&P returns to Reek of Putrefaction and faces yet another of our deep seated fears: going blind. Cuz, ya know, Zatoichi, we are not.
Carcass made ingenious hay out of a subject that frankly gives us the heeby jeebies. “Carbonized Eyesockets” is a ferocious yet wordy little ditty about melting somebody’s eyes closed. Now keep that open flame away from our face.

The pungent aroma of hot, bubbling, molten gristle
Blends with the stench of hot, singeing flesh soldered to liquid muscle
As the cornea is pierced and fried on the sizzling retina
Burning and spitting on the now blacked, charred fovea

Holes of crumbling carbon are all that are left
Charred eye sockets of hot, scorched flesh

Fusing symblepharon, your flesh turns to coke
Extrav[o]asative gunge now black, pungent smoke
Charred eye sockets – horrifically pernicious
Your sight irreparable by your optician

Once flowing blood is now dried, resembling black pudding
Now all that bleeds is a slow trickle of hot, sticky muscle
The sclera is a lump of carbon burning on smoldering membrane
Your eyeballs are blistered, your optic nerves now aflame

Fovea – n. a pit or depression in the bone
Symblepharon – n. a fusion of the eyelids
Vasoactive – n. a drug that can cause veins and arteries to expand or contract
Pernicious – adj. harmful
Sclera – n. one of the membranes that form the surface of the eye

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