Saturday, March 8, 2008

Carcass Word of the Day Calendar: Mar. 8, 2008

For the last month G&P has encountered just about every conceivable impediment to getting what a dentist and an endodontist have so far said should be a simple root canal. Complications, confusion and chaos abound. So currently our #7 incisor is filled with what a specialist called “dental Drano.” Yeah, that can’t be good. Long story short, if a dentist says, “Huh, you might wanna get that checked out,” don’t wait a decade to take him up on that sage advice.
Shockingly, gorehounds Carcass never really strip mined that particularly bit of bodily discomfort for our oozing, slobbering horror. Cinema, on the other hand, has never demurred from that particular topic. Exhibits A through C: Marathon Man, Oldboy and *shudder* Teeth.
But back to Carcass. The closest the Liverpudlian loudmouths got to the topic was Reek of Putrefaction’s absolute classic “Oxidized Razor Masticator,” which, unfortunately for our purposes, went a little easy on the $10 words, but we’ll make due with what we’ve got.

Chomping and splicing, your gums sliced to shreds
Tattered bloody ribbons, incisored skin is shed
Scraping on sore teeth, cracking and chipping
Shredding and mincing raw nerve endings…
Gaping and sore
The rusty razors bore
Skin hangs and seeps
Peptic ulcers bleed
Your mouth a sea of cartilage, rabid saliva bleeds
Swallowing shredded tongue and pulverized, crunching teeth
Respirating a bolus of rusty razor blades
Asphyxiating bloody garotte, tearing your jugular vein

Incisor – n. one of four anterior teeth in the mouth used for gnawing
Peptic – adj. relating to digestion
Respire – v. to breathe
Bolus – n. a small mass of chewed food
Garotte – n. a length of cord used to kill by strangulation

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