Wednesday, June 24, 2009

World Downfall: Czech Republic

Shindy Productions
Uprise, a pack of grinders from the Czech Republic featuring members of Alienation Mental and Ahumado Granujo, are a deliberate throwback to a time when Terrorizer leaned heavily on L.A.’s uproarious punk scene and Repulsion were just a hopped up thrash band with a killer bootleg movie collection.
“Marches of Waste’s” emulsion of ear-piercing riffery and bulletproof drumming will have your checking World Downfall for bonus tracks while frontman Putti’s guttural roar on “Edition of Vomits” even passes for a good Oscar Garcia impression when it’s not warring with a Jeff Walker snarl.
While Terrorizer clearly graces the band’s collective album collection, Uprise have dug deep in the grab bag of grindcore influences. “Severance of the Soul” is all thrash picking and cymbal grabs while “Super Way How to Pass a Day” is all stuttered trip beats and rusted guitar murk. And when Uprise is not in full blast mode, songs “Burglar of Season” falls back on late ’80s-style hardcore pounding and songcraft.
After all of that, what better way to slap exclamation point on a album that pays tribute to a punk-metal hybrid classic than with a raging mosh-worthy cover of S.O.D.’s scene-unity clarion call, “United Forces?”

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PatrickDM said...

I haven't heard this ep, but I have been listening to iconoclasm...definitely worth checking out.