Friday, April 16, 2010

G&P Review: Infanticide

From Our Cold, Dead Hands
Sweden’s Infanticide make me want to run through the ObGyn unit of my local hospital with a razor honed Wustof gutting pregnant chicks. Or maybe just ordering a really nice veal parmesan. Either way some fetal blob of barely developed mammal protein will have a bad day with From Our Cold, Dead Hands providing the perfect soundtrack. As your grindcore sommelier, I’d recommend pairing Infanticide with a nice selection from Deathbound because like those ferocious Finns, the Swedes crust their grindcore with a seasoned panko rind of guttural death metal heft, more strategically deploying the blastbeats than their contemporaries.
You take those death metal elements to the grill almost immediately as “Domestic Warfare” scales back the throttle for 75 seconds of Swede death loom before the two beat eruptions place things squarely back in the realm of grind. It’s those kinds of moments – like the way The Fourth Crusade gets a 21st Century panzer sheen on the stunning “Shock and Awe” – that provide tension and dynamism against From Our Cold, Dead Hands’ suitably clanking production.

Infanticide – “Shock and Awe”

But fear not, for all the downbeat chug, those are just the crusted protrusions in Infanticide’s grind freakery. “Militant Resentment” brings all the charm of a rusted dental drill cracking open an abscessed tooth, “A Worse Today” brings the punk banging by way of Entombed and “Crisis Point” is pure cluster bomb annihilation. There's not a damn thing here that hasn't been a few dozen times before, but for what it's worth, Infanticide hit all the comfortable pressure points. You can pry this one … wait for it … from my cold, dead hands.
[Ed’s note: I’m so very, very sorry.]

[Full disclosure: Willotip provided me with a review copy.]


Unknown said...

You're not sorry. And I'm not an admiral.

206 said...

"I'm! Your! God! Now!" (repeat as necessary.) This album was so worth the wait.

Alex Layzell said...

A killer album, Scandinavians seem to have music in their blood especially the Swedes

Unknown said...

Your new banner is awesome! I love the Opening quote from "Sounds of he Aninimal Kingdom". Goood shit!

Andrew Childers said...

it's a still from a japanese film called "rubber's lover." (for those of you who dig body hammer, that's where he got "direct digital drive" from. the film is sorta like eraser head + tetsuo the ironman + pi all directed by a young david cronenberg. as soon as i saw it i knew it had to be the new banner.