Monday, July 26, 2010

G&P Review: Unholy Grave

Unholy Grave
Grind Killers

While I’ve droned on and on about the lost art of the grindcore guitar solo, quite honestly until I heard Kazumi rocking out for the first half of Grind Killers opener “Confession” I had never given much thought to the grindcore drum solo. And I’ve decided I like it. I’m not saying we need to be dropping them Van Halen-style into every venue whether it’s appropriate or not, I’m just saying it was actually an engaging surprise and a hell of a way to kick off Unholy Grave’s latest in an Agathoclesian string of releases.

Unholy Grave – “Confession”

Recorded live in the studio with the help of Luc Favie of Dutch powerviolence mongers F.U.B.A.R., Grind Killers sounds better than some past efforts (Revoltage, I’m looking at you). There’s an infectious spontaneity to the whole shebang that does a lot to conceal the fact that (let’s be honest here) the full length album has never been Unholy Grave’s forte (again, Revoltage, I’m looking at you). Killer in an EP or split 7-inch context, Unholy Grave do have a tendency to wear out their welcome on occasion and Grind Killers does mill about, suffering from a lack of diversity at points. But the sheer blasting does enough to stave off the worst of the monotony. Unholy Grave are a band who are experienced enough to know what they’re about. And, hey, did you know they’re against terrorism?


DesiccatedVeins said...

Maybe longform isn't usually their strong suit, but I LOVE their 'Crucified' LP. Pretty pumped to hear this, actually.

Bill Willingham IV, Esquire said...

I actually dig "Revoltage," save for a few tracks in the middle where the sound goes completely down the toilet, haha.

Will check this out.

Survivalist said...

i've wilfully ignored every single Unholy Grave release on anything smaller than the 12" format since my own musical one night stand with them on a split 7" over a decade ago but i enjoyed Revoltage. Perhaps i only liked it because i haven't paid any attention to them in a long time and there's better stuff by them out there though.

Andrew Childers said...

like bill, i just thought revoltage dragged in the middle. this kept my attention a little longer. japanese-inflected ramones covers always do that to me.

Bill Willingham IV, Esquire said...

Cool that you brought up solos with UG. They surprised me a few times on Revoltage with some wicked guitar leads I did not see coming.

And now drums!

Next album: Hammond organ/guitar duel followed by bass solo.

Anonymous said...

nice to finally see some UG up here. haven't listened to this one yet will have to check it out. my fav from them is def the split with dropdead. killer.