Friday, April 8, 2011

Grindcore Alphabet: I, J

I. Eye. Aye.
J. Jay.
And so we hit our first hink in the process. Simply put, there are just not enough grind bands with names that start with I or J or justify individual mixtapes, so I’m forced to smoosh them together in order to present you something that’s actually worth your time. Here’s what I’ve gleaned. The I bands really enjoy iron while the J bands like to get down with Jesus. Personally, I think Iron Jesus would make an awesome band name. Don't steal (steel?) that. That shit's copyrighted.
Meanwhile, here’s your I, J mixtape [Mediafire].

Iron Batasuna – “Lamentos” (United States)
Iron Lung – “Sexless//No Sex” (United States)
Jesus Egg – “Botato Pug” (United States)
Infernal Stronghold – “Crashing Trucks into Churches” (United States)
Inertia Kills – “Awaken” (Canada)
Jesus of Nazareth – “The Shame of Being a Child Track 7” (United States)
Jante Alu – “Bielle” (Switzerland)
Joe Pesci – “Mindless Zombified Fucks” (England)
Infest – “Machoism” (United States)
I Abhor – “The Third Eye” (United States)
Jesus Crost – “Bombenalarm” (Holland)
Intense Degree – “I’ve Got a Cure” (England)
Infanticide – “Crisis Point” (Sweden)
Impale – “Regeneration of Boiling Blood” (Japan)
Insect Warfare – “At War With Grindcore” (United States)
Impotence Trichomonad – “My Gory Birthday” (Japan)
In/Humanity – “Nuclear Winter Wonderland” (United States)
Infect – “A Forca” (Brazil)
Idiots Parade – “Sin [Hriech]” (Slovakia)
Japanische Kampfhorspiele – “Pogo en der Strassenbahn” (Germany)

Total to date: 197 bands


Unknown said...

Jigsore Puzzle
In My Eyes

Unknown said...

In Defence
Jerry's Kids
Judy Foster's Army (JFA)
Ill Repute
Impaled Nazarene (these two are death metal, don't count)

Unknown said...

Iron Jesus is a pretty cool name.

savethecirclepit said...

I Shot Cyrus
Instinct Of Survival
Impact Unit
I Object

gamefaced said...

insect warfare. check.
yep. looks aiight to me.

Ralyyius said...

No Impetigo? That's a surprise!

Andrew Childers said...

you guys have figured out by now that i don't really dig gore, right?

orfee said...

is that a salvador dali painting from hitchcock's spellbound?


andrew said...

get that man a cigar. i wondered when somebody would notice.

orfee said...

filter al capones, please.


andrew said...

i'm sorry, sir. all i have on me right now are itsaboys.

orfee said...

congratulations on your new baby girl!


Andrew Childers said...

you have any idea how hard it is to find "it's a hermaphrodite" cigars?

orfee said...

indeed, better roll your own and use a magic marker.