Wednesday, June 29, 2011

G&P Review: Looking for an Answer

Looking for an Answer
Eterno Treblinka

Eterno Treblinka, Looking for an Answer’s first long player for Relapse, takes its name from a quote attributed to Polish Jewish author Isaac Bashevis Singer in which he Godwinned the entire animal rights movement by likening farm critters to concentration camp inmates. And while being called a culinary Nazi is not likely to dissuade me from my carnivorous lifestyle, Eterno Treblinka is every bit as grim and grisly as the slaughterhouse floors and blood-crazed gods Looking for an Answer so despise. Following up on their stellar La Caceria EP, the band has dropped the album they have been building to from their days in their prior bands. There’s an elegant economy to every one of the 17 tracks. Not a moment is wasted; not a movement is superfluous. Looking for an Answer have simply turned in a flawless modern grindcore album that’s catchy, aggressive and instantly engaging. Everything that made Extincion such an enjoyable, tightly wound listening experience has been given a serrated edge.
The addition of second guitarist Makoko adds a stereoscopic depth as songs flow and snake like a 17 headed hydra. The six stringers churn like twin guitar Dismember goodness on fast forward over an impeccable rhythm section. Produced by the band, the album benefits from a superlative mix that hits that precarious balance between pristine and raw, allowing you to bask in every instrument individually without sacrificing the necessary adrenal jolt. Eterno Treblinka hooked me so hard I listened to it five times in a row the first day. The last album I could say that about was Abuse. Make of that what you will.
This is Looking for an Answer’s moment to stake their claim to top tier status. There’s been a quiet buzz building around the band the last year or so. Deep Six has collected their various impossible to find splits, Bones Brigade has put one of their early efforts back in circulation and now they have the backing of Relapse. Eterno Treblinka is exactly the kind of album they needed right now. If you haven’t already indulged, don't be surprised to hear their name come up frequently in conversation the next few months.


Unknown said...

Are you suggesting we Godwinize the new Looking for An Answer record?
Either way I'm glad you reviewed this, I was curious what you thought.

GC said...

i had a feeling this was a winner upon first listen. days later and the shine has not faded. looking for an answer get my vote as well as my money

Alex Layzell said...

Still in awe on the catchy riffs and tremolo picks, but wished the percussion would play more forcefully. Other than that really a top knotch album. Not as hooked as yourself but still very pleased with it.

DRJones said...

are they still playing death-metal-with-blastbeats or have they moved crustward? curious to know, because when they grind it makes my ears happy.

Andrew Childers said...

there's still a good bit of death lurking in there (like i said, dismember on fast forward) but when they blast, it rocks the fuck out.

Ryan Page said...

They reminded me of repulsion in places. I'm not quite as into it as other people seem to be, but its definitely good. Its definitely the only relapse release in a while that has passed the 'meh' barrier.