Wednesday, June 20, 2012

G&P Review: Mental Waste

Mental Waste
Halfway through their EP Meltdown, Mental Waste's resident screamer howls that he "can't pretend I give a shit." Oh but you, listener, just might want to spare a shit to proffer Mental Waste, particularly if be-Sieged hardcore stomping is relevant to your interests.
Their seven minutes of to the point hardcore heaven are certainly not original, but Mental Waste stab their fingers into your chest and unload punk diatribes that occasionally wind themselves up to blastbeaten paroxysms of frothing outrage. They make their M.O. plain from the hop with "Reason," which kicks off the Meltdown experience without prologue or preamble. It just jumps up and plants two muddy Doc Martens in your chest, setting the confrontational tone of the next nine songs. From "Reason" on it's just a basement show stampede of pissed off punk and borderline grind annihilation wrapped up in poisoned pills of life sucks narratives that always look on the bright gloomy side of life.
Later in the EP, the singer declares that "solitude is the only solution," but it sure is hard to snatch a little quiet me time when you're making every booty in the pit shake.

[Full disclosure: The band sent me a download.]

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