Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend Punk Pick: Rudimentary Peni

This is easily my favorite punk band of all time. We're talking desert island music here. Give me nothing more than Rudimentary Peni's discography and I could probably survive contented for a decade or two. No band I've ever heard is as consistently compelling through their 30 year existence as Rudimentary Peni, from their anarcho punk roots straight through their most recent EPs of psychologically damaged death rock. If Death Church weren't enough to stake their claim to punk rock royalty, Nick Blinko et al had to follow up one of the finest punk records ever made with the one-two psychonaut detours of the staggering Cacophony (I guarantee you've never heard another record like it; "punk" and even "rock" are far too limiting terms to do it justice) and the underappreciated Pope Adrian 37th Pyschristiatic. While far from prolific, everything Rudimentary Peni has ever done has been compelling, emotionally rich and clearly made from a place of intense personal honesty. There are very few bands that can stake such a claim. Hell, I just found out Blinko's semi-biographic/semi-Lovecraftian novel The Primal Screamer is back in print. I'm now camped out by my mailbox waiting for my copy to arrive.


Andrew Childers said...

back when i was trying to write music, my two biggest influences were peni and hhig. ahh the salad days.

brutalex said...

A friend of mine are getting together to start his Peni worship project that's been in the works for years now. Sedimentary Feti. Be on the look out.

Andrew Childers said...

there's a deceptive simplicity to rp songs that i was never able to master. there's actually quite a lot going on in there when you really listen.