Friday, August 3, 2012

Compiling Autumn Redux

As of Wednesday, Compiling Autumn is now out of print. For those of you who bought a copy, you now have a priceless heirloom to pass down to your great-great-grandchildren (who will roll their eyes at your quaint grindcore and lecture you on the finer points of Tibetan dubstep jazz). For those of you that coughed up the eight bucks, thank you. At last count you guys have sent somewhere in the ballpark of $350 to the Japanese Red Cross. So thank you for chipping in for a worthy cause.
Now about you cheap ass sumbitches who couldn't scrape up a few lousy dollars... I kid.
But what's gonna happen now is what I intended from the first day Jon Chang approached me with this whole cockamamie scheme: I'm gonna blog the whole thing like I originally planned. That's right, if you would have waited you could have had it all for free. Suckers.
And now I'm gonna take that giant grindcore paycheck we scammed off you schmucks and move my sexroids to some breezy tropical island to live out my days.


Ryan Page said...

I already have my copy, but... will it be back in print at some point. Also... you should really write a book on Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope. I'll help you...

Unknown said...

Can't wait to read it.

PS: I miss you guys. Gotta shit load to read up on.

Andrew Childers said...

ryan: as far as i know, it's pretty much out of print for good. all the printing came out of jon's pockets and i know he got some of his money back but i'm not sure how much.

there are very few bands i'd be willing to invest this kind of time in. this was six months of interviews and writing and research when it went down. frozen corpse might be up there. prowler in the yard is a definite yes and i've been after the remaining nasum members for like two years to do a story on them with no luck.

standing off is still good, nasum, if you see this.

Anonymous said...

Human Remains - Using sickness as a hero is a good candidate to get the Childers treatment. From the metal blade demo to their eventual break up. There is a lot of things that can be written.