Monday, June 24, 2013

G&P Review: Spewtilator

Inhale Awaits
Boris Records

Inhale Awaits is like walking through a party and guzzling, snorting and popping every pharmaceutical shoved into your greedy drug hole and letting the kaleidoscope of highs crash through your CNS. Spewtilator brew up Metal Blade-era Slayer thrash (as if the parody cover weren't enough of a tip off), crossover intensity and grindcore's patented high/low vocal tradeoffs over three songs that revel in everything fast and pilled up.
Spewtilator start their gonzo trip through the realms of recreational pharmacopeia with an attack of "Xanax Fury." Clearly the anti-anxiety drug, obviously being taken without a qualified prescription, is not doing its job because the song is a rager that runs like a blower and eats like a grinder as it goes all epic mid-80s thrash up in your grill. It perfectly slides into the most Slayerish of the batch, "Burn in Hell," complete with multiple atonal Hanneman/King solos. Vocals aside, you could probably slap the song on to Hell Awaits as a long lost demo track that didn't quite make the final cut without too much of a pause. Flipping the wax, Spewtilator spelunk their way through an extra sepulchral tour "Into the Crypts of Rays" just to round out their obvious influences.
I know retro thrash was the king of the kegger about four years ago and has pretty much partied itself out at this point, but Spewtilator drag knuckledragging metal far enough into the 21st Century that nothing sounds dated or stale or derivative. Inhale Awaits is an EP that takes nothing seriously, particularly itself. It's just a damn good time. Take a deep puff because hell is just going to have to wait for the party to end first.

[Full disclosure: the band sent me a review copy.]

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