Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Carcass Word of the Day Calendar: April 23, 2008

Cooking and cannibalism – two great tastes that taste great together. Around G&P HQ we enjoy a good cooking show, especially peripatetic curmudgeon Anthony Bourdain who has not met a hog ass he didn’t enjoy or a situation he couldn’t bitch about. But somehow Bourdain has so far drawn the line at sampling the other other white meat. So scratch him for your fantasy Cannibal Holocaust remake. But Carcass set their sardonic pens to the topic on “Pedigree Butchery,” a standout track from 1992 touchstone Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious, a tune that features some exemplary medical dictionary abuse and a few of Jeff Walker’s trademark neologisms.

In caustic butchery I parent my dominion
In the food chain I forge the missing link
Cold temerity confects this splintered forage
Infantile corruption taken to the brink

Making hash of the spumous erubescent
All natural compassion removed
The newly fully developed boiled as sprouted fodder
Matrilineal murder – cordon bleu

A salubrious pet food
Human midden is consumed

Not one to mince my words
But how I love to see these siblings churned
In tins they are reared

Ghastly, I slake
Bestial appetites to sate
As flesh and steel I mate
To fill the lower species’ plate

Desparental, primparal goods oozing
The bawling, squabbling denied the suckling teat
Sentient bloodletting sprains the sporulate
Makes a choice chimerical treat

Rheological, twisted nursery chymes
The fluxing of the defleshed
Paedophilosophical, carnage knowledge
As the illigitimeat to the domesticated is fed

So as you breed
They will bleed

Contumely calorie count
Ebullient death toll mounts
Higher and higher

Despumating the midden, the desipient I segment
Pertaining vitality, their dispatch I cement
Serve out for minion in their feeding trough

Caustic – adj. Capable of burning or corroding flesh.
Temerity – n. Recklessness, boldness.
Spumous – adj. Frothy as though spewed out.
Erubescent – adj. Becoming reddish in color.
Matrilineal – adj. Descended from the female line.
Salubrious – adj. Healthful.
Midden – n. A trash heap.
Desparental – adj. Presumably, from the parents. A Walker original.
Primparal – adj. Related to a woman who has had a child.
Sporulate – v. To produce spores.
Chimerical – adj. Imaginary, unrealistic. Also hybrid.
Rheological – adj. Of the study of decomposition of matter.
Chymes – n. Liquid, semi-digested food.
Paedophilosophical – n. The philosophy of young children, one presumes. Another Walker entry in the custom Carcass dictionary.
Illigitimeat – n. Fake meat, yet another Walker neologism.
Contumely -- n. An insult.
Desipient – adj. Foolish.

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