Sunday, July 20, 2008

Carcass Word of the Day Calendar: July 20, 2008

A liver destroying ditty about boozing yourself to death by master gore hounds Carcass? I’ll drink to that. One of the Liverpudlian medicalmalpractioners’ great non-album tracks, "Hepatic Tissue Fermentation" (in versions I and II) is a cirrhotic tour through your liver’s last days that just might make you rethink your Friday night plans.

Orally force fed, until cirmosis is induced,
Fatal renal failure, bleeds like a sluice,
Spewing blood as the gallbladder extrudes,
Alcoholic poisoning, bloated lobules burst,
Toxins flood the stomach, in diffluence submerged.
Coughing waste as the wrecked colon tears.
The blood now critically proof, neural cells fatally quenched,
Drowning in spilt retention, hepatic tissue ferments.
Poisoned retention, with intoxication,
Inflamed nephrons burst, your condition's getting worse,
Chronically diffused, your liver you will lose.
Bodily distillation, as emerged flesh reacts,
With alcoholic contents, in your urinary tract.
Dripping fluid as the decrepit appendix weeps.
Matter turns to fluid, intoxicating ablution,
Biliary dehydration, innards to solution.
Bleeding urine as the inflamed bladder rips.
The blood now critically proof, neural cells fatally quenched,
Drowning in spilt retention, hepatic tissue ferments.
Contamination, foul circulation.
Alcohol force fed, goes straight to your head,
Brain tissue damaged, fused with alcohol sewage.
In a stupor you die, your brain lobes you fry.

Cirmosis – Carcass stumped me on this one. Despite my best efforts, I have no clue. In fact, Google it and all you get is page after page of links to Carcass lyrics. If there are any MDs out there who can explain this one, lemme know.
Sluice – n. a gate used to control water flow.
Lobules – n. small lobes or sections of lobes.
Diffluence – v. the act of flowing.
Hepatic – adj. of or pertaining to the liver.
Nephron – n. the filtering and excretory portion of the kidney.
Ablution – n. a cleansing with water.
Biliary – adj. of or related to bile.


Anonymous said...

"Cirmosis" = probably the word "Cirrosis" misspelled?

By the way, "Carcass word of the day" is always hilarious.

Andrew Childers said...

i thought it was a misspelled version of cirhossis at first too, but i did actually find cirmosis referenced in some medical study lit, just couldn't find a definition. so the search continues......

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