Wednesday, September 17, 2008

G&P review: Parlamentarisk Sodomi

Parlamentarisk Sodomi
Har Du Sagt "A" Får Du Si "Nal"
No Escape
You’d think having a whole band dedicate its existence to fucking with your political career would at least rate a mention in the trivia section of your Wikipedia page.
Case in point, I now know Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg gets down with the gangsters on The Sopranos and compensates for Norway's lack of military cojones by playing Age of Empires. But there’s nary a mention that Parlamentarisk Sodomi spent nearly all 25 minutes of debut album Har Du Sagt "A" Får Du Si "Nal" grinding all over dude’s day job.
One man band Papirmøllen unleashes 15 tracks of Kill the Client style grind and burts out a couple sightings of that most endangered species -- the grindcore guitar solo -- with fits of Hanneman/King style whammy bar abuse.
Stoltenberg, a Labor Party moderate, pissed off his own colleagues by privatizing some of Norway’s social services and state-controlled corporations. But keep in mind the dude Papirmøllen dubs a “horrendous unsexy fascist piss” would invariably be labeled a Marxist and hounded out of politics by America’s frothing right wing. And then Sarah Palin would shoot and field cleaned him.
Keeping that political qualification in mind, P.S. metaphorically rip and fuck a few new orifices in Stolentenberg’s slight frame with perfectly raw sounding mixture of de rigueur Cookie Monster v. Chloraseptic vocal assaults and Pintado on speed guitar screeds.
While you may not be able to decipher the Norwegian lyrics or Scandinavian politics, it’s a joy to hear a band calling out politicians by name and reclaiming the punk tactics of sarcasm and satire to make a point. And really, who couldn’t use a little more sodomy in their lives? Thank you Lawrence v. Texas

Full Disclosure: Up until now, I have bought every CD I’ve reviewed. That explains why so many are positive; I try not to blow my hard earned cash on total crap. But P.S. graciously comped me a copy of the album. I appreciate the gesture and I tried to give my honest opinion, but I just wanted to note that fact. If I get so fortunate again the future, I will, of course, disclose that.

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