Friday, October 9, 2009

Blast(beat) from the Past: Kiss the Cynic

Kiss the Cynic

Kiss the Cynic



Kiss the Cynic open with a circle pit pep rally chant, close with a phone sex operator turned promotional gimmick and detour through Midwestern-themed sexual deviancy somewhere around the middle of this EP, their only output to date. Post-Luddite Clone, Andy Cummings and bassist Kevin Hannum reunited for a more straightforward metallic hardcore bruising band in Kiss the Cynic.

Not as metallic and technically deft as Luddite Clone, Hannum remains one of the most unsung bassists in hardcore and his busy, contortionist playing is once again the highlight of his band. Vocally, Cummings still boasts an impressive croak as he rants and seethes his way through “Bring Out Your Dead.” Guitarists K. Walsh and A. Lynch tread the left hand path with Entombed-thick guitars on “Chicago Hotplate” and “…And the Number One Video in America” approaches the near-grind tempos that powered Luddite Clone. However, Kiss the Cynic lack the laser-guided velociraptor combination of technical precision and barbarian brutality that elevated Luddite Clone above the chugging masses. However, Kiss the Cynic turned out a solid, weighty bit of basement show brutality and snotty punk sarcasm.

Kiss the Cynic announced a new album, Making Friends Made Easy, way back in 2007 and they haven’t logged in to their MySpace page in over a year, so it’s safe to say this band, like its predecessor, is gone too soon.


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Any chance you might be able to post either a place to purchase this album or a link to download it from?

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