Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It’s the Vinyl Countdown

*cue triumphant slab of melted Havarti Swedish keyboard rock goodness*
I have written many times of my turntable woes: two record players sitting around my house broken while dozens of wonderful vinyl-only albums go whizzing by me. But you may have noticed lately, I’ve been digging out my flat plastic goodies. Given some impetus from the nice people at Forcefield Records, who sent me a care package full of EPs and LPs, I’ve finally gotten off my fat ass and fixed one of my turntables. So for the last few months I’ve been giddily getting caught up with all of the year’s vinyl releases that I had missed. And oh has 2009 been ever so kind.
(And yes, I know Havarti is Danish and not Swedish. So, bakdafuggup.)


Unknown said...

I've also recently been motivated to fix my turntable since I have no tv and I don't really buy CDs and I always manage to spend some of the rent on vinyl.
Are you buying everything online or are you spending hours on your knees digging through record bins? I always feel like a cock using eBay so I rely on the local shop for my metal vinyl. They don't get too much new stuff but I can order stuff.

206 said...

Belt issues? Might be easier to break down and upgrade.

andrew said...

i haven't bought from a store in a couple years now. i just don't have a good one near me. all i got is bad mall chains. so i do most of my ordering from relapse, selfmadegod and interpunk.

i miss store shopping though. it's way more spontaneous. now i have to know in advance what i'm hunting.