Monday, March 15, 2010

Bring the Noise: A Crash Course in Electrogrind

Like a chocolate covered cadmium Witman’s sampler, consume at your own risk. Side effects may include cerebral hemorrhages, pissed off neighbors/roommates/spouses, expanded musical horizons and exorbitant Radio Shack bills as you attempt to recreate the sounds contained with in.
You’ve been warned.

1. Winters in Osaka – “Flowers in the Bodies”
2. Body Hammer – “Digital Direct Drive”
3. The Endless Blockade – “Perfection”
4. Exploding Meth Lab – “Exploding Meth Lab Soup Kitchen”
5. Napalm Death – “Harmony Corruption”
6. Gigantic Brain – “Dehumanize (Ninja Gaiden NES cover)”
7. Origami Swan – “Castigating Leukemia”
8. Jesus of Nazareth – “The Shame of Being a Child Track 11
9. Agoraphobic Nosebleed – “5 Band Genetic Equalizer 2”
10. Man is the Bastard – “Steak Eating Boss”
11. Discordance Axis with Merzbow – “Alzheimer (Live)”


atanamar said...

I downloaded this last night and gave a listen. No neighbors/roommates/spouses around to annoy. Very interesting and amusing, and quite possibly entertaining. The only track I'm really familiar with is "Harmony Corruption." There are certainly things here to explore.
Thanks, as usual...

A1th said...

Thanks for this, tag pollution on made it hard to find any genuine electro/cybergrind.

Andrew Childers said...

if had a tag for this kinda stuff i'd be truly horrified. and here i thought i was really crawling far up my own asshole with this electro-grind thing.

either way, you're welcome and enjoy.