Thursday, May 13, 2010

Covered in Napalm

Let’s be honest. Covering Napalm Death is not the most revolutionary idea a grind band can hit upon. In fact, recent research has pretty conclusively proven the correlation between people who love grind and people who love Napalm Death. So covering the band that pretty much wrote the rulebook by which you're playing isn't going to win any prizes for originality. However, Rotten Sound are just joining a well-established fraternity of punks and grinders who have paid tribute to the grindfathers.

Rotten Sound – “Suffer the Children”
Ablach – “Unchallenged Hate”
Discordance Axis – “The Kill”
Agoraphobic Nosebleed – “Control”
Capitalist Casualties – “From Enslavement to Obliteration”
Xbrainiax – “You Suffer”
Cellgraft - "Scum"


Unknown said...

The Xbrainiax cover destroys me every time.

206 said...

I really like the Mumakil cover of Social Sterility.

Andrew Childers said...

that was probably an accident on my part cuz i was trying to be all clever and shit. but sure, i'll take the praise.
and by your definition, i'd consider someone like siege or deep wound to be godfathers of grind. duly noted.

Miskatonic said...

Okay. If Siege and Deep Wound were selected by grind's parents to be it's godfathers, then who are it's parents? Hmmmm?

Andrew Childers said...

ah. yeah, you caught me there. maybe grind was just that bastard left on the orphanage door step.

Miskatonic said...

Well said.

I think punk fucked a lot of dudes and there's no way of knowing who grind's real father is. But grind definitely has Seige's eyes. Seige never asked ND to be the Godfather of his kid... it just kinda happened. So,, it looks like ND are the Godfathers of grind after all. Hmmm.

Andrew Childers said...

soooooo you're saying ND is inbred and somehow managed to be its own uncle?

Miskatonic said...

Yeah! I am saying that. Or I said that. But now that you say that, I'm changing what I'm saying back to what I was originally saying. I don't think godfathers have any place in grind, or any other genre. nD (or Seige or Deep wound) are the FATHERS of grind.

Vegas said...

Napalm Death is grindcore. They're more like every other grind band's big brother who taught them how to get chicks.

Swans and Discharge are the parents, Siege and Deep Wound the aunts and uncles

Andrew Childers said...

and here i was having fun prolonging a nerd argument and you gotta go and get all definitive. it's pretty hard to argue with that though.

Cal said...

Hey Andrew it's Calum from Ablach here. Really appreciate you putting us alongside A'n'B,Rotten Sound and Cellgraft.

Whadda guy!

Arif from Wormrot declared me the " grandmother of grind " do I get a prize?

Vegas said...

Also, Enemy Soil's cover of "Unchallenged Hate" kicks ASS. Maybe even groovier than the original.

Andrew Childers said...

calum: i'd be blurbing that shit on my next album. that's like being touched by the hand of god. or something.

wza: damn another one i meant to include on the list.