Monday, February 7, 2011

Demo-lition Derby: Face on Fire

Face on Fire
Mr. Cruel’s Bedtime Lullabies
About 75 percent of what you need to know about Australia’s Face on Fire you can glean from the titles of “Cum Drunk Sluts,” “My Wife in Your Cock’s Pussy” and “Lick a Dick Day.” I’m betting about half of you stopped reading right there.
But if the adventurous among you were to keep going, you’ll find a band that’s not nearly as incendiary as their name may suggest, but not as deliberately retarded as some of their song titles may lead you to believe. Face on Fire bang out inoffensive, if unoriginal, grind with a vaguely Birdflesh kind of vibe to the song structures. And that’s a problem more immediate than their sophomoric attempts at humor. The upper register screaming is so monotonous in tone, tempo and delivery that it begins to sound like Dino’s yapping. The guitars often lack tone and distinction and the drums are just a background buzz, with the exception of “God is Fake, Wrestling is Real,” which rumbles with a nice intensity.
Face on Fire haven’t been able to cohere the pieces just yet, but there are flashes that they could get it together. Saving the best for last, “William H. Macy’s Mustache” boasts some ingenuity with its whipsawing riffs and curveball beats. Some time and maturity may work wonders on this young band.
You can give it a listen for yourself here.


DesiccatedVeins said...

"God is Fake, Wrestling is Real" and "William H. Macy's Mustache" are both vaguely funny titles, but I agree, they just aren't an interesting band right now. The vocalist is monotonous to the point that it sounds like he's not trying (which might be a fault of the production more than a reflection of his actual ability.)

Bill Willingham IV, Esquire said...

The Kill is scratching my sophomoric-lyrics-grind itch at the moment, so I'll let this one slip.

Ryan Page said...

I have to say i wasn't really a fan, but I heard elements that could coalesce into something more interesting. Also, what is everyone thinking about the newest wormrot track they've put up?

Andrew Childers said...

which one have they posted now? earache sent me a few more tracks from dirge and i'm actually starting to wonder if wormrot played it a bit too safe with the new album. but what i'v heard hasn't been mastered yet.