Friday, February 25, 2011

Grindcore Alphabet: C

As children, Cookie Monster taught many of us that C is for Cookie. Turns out it’s also for crushing.
Without further ado, your letter C mixtape [Mediafire]:

Capitalist Casualties – “Bad Habits” (United States)
Creation is Crucifixion – “Subversion as a Tactical Metaphor” (United States)
Crom – “Humiliate the Corpse” (United States)
Creative Waste – “Mind Pollution” (Saudi Arabia)
CSSO – “Mental Rape #1 and #2” (Japan)
Carcass – “Carbonized Eyesockets” (England)
Complete Failure – “Gross Negligence” (United States)
Collision – “Kill Phil” (Holland)
Crowpath – “Bastard City” (Sweden)
Catheter – “Doughnut Man” (United States)
Cloud Rat – “Vain” (United States)
Captain Cleanoff – “Mr. Serious” (Australia)
Cretin – “Walking a Midget” (United States)
Cephalic Carnage – “Litany of Failure” (United States)
Cerebral Turbulency – “Metyl Age” (Czech Republic)
Coldworker – “Heart Shaped Violence” (Sweden)
Circle of Dead Children – “The Buzzard Blizzard” (United States)
Cyness – “Much Too Late” (Germany)
Cripple Bastards – “Gli Anni Che Non Ritornano” (Italy)
Confusion – “Power, Lies and Hate” (Columbia)
Chainsaw to the Face – “Hating Life” (United States)
Combatwoundedveteran – “Christ, My Leg is Sore” (United States)
Cellgraft – “Revenge” (United States)

Total to date: 75 bands


Vinnie said...


Ryan Page said...

I'll start:

Charles Bronson
Cloning the Pope
Crossed Out

and... the chetah girls

Andrew Childers said...

yeah i DLed chulo after i did the comp and i was too lazy to go back and add them. damn. can't believe i forgot crossed out and cattlepress.

Anonymous said...

cannibal corpse? they got two c's.


i'm taking a lead here.

DesiccatedVeins said...

Oh man, what about Carcass Grinder? Their split with Insect Warfare is righteous. Cripple Bastards as well, if mainly for Variante alla Morte. Also, the South African grind band Cauterized (although their drum machine sound is painfully fake.)

Anonymous said...

Dude.... Dude.... Dude.... Andrew. Crossed Out. Come on.


Anonymous said...

Seems to be an extra track not listed in the package... "Skewered" (54 secs)?? Who is this??

- Paul